Vietnam Jungle II – VI

DSC_4935Now the upper half is almost complete. I say that, but I know that I need much more detailing, or more, maybe not much, but more, who can say?

I did start a little dibbling into the reflections on the water below as well, but nothing to last there, very rough there. Next, obviously is the big reflection work of the little island. Hee.

Also, I need to work on the depth of the lighter portion in the middle left of the painting. It is too bright to seem real to me. As they say, kill your darlings, there. Alas. That will be a bit hard. I may do a bit of that with my peripheral vision and go off sketch there. Sigh.

But I’m liking it so far. I think I’m a few days off finishing and it feels good. I want to bring the sensuality of the real foto to the painting, and I don’t feel that in the painting. I will need to work hard to achieve that.

An enormous amount of back pain on the screws area today. I don’t really know what to say. I’m willing to wait a long time, to have them out, until April, you know? But today, in fact this week, it’s become increasingly hard and the medicines are decreasing in their effectiveness. Harumph.

However, my spirits are good. Go figure. I have been having lots of flashbacks, per usual, since teeth brushing time this morning, and lots of words, random stuff. Missing one of my abusers and having to say No, don’t do that, a lot.

Well, it is my birthday tomorrow and the weather could not be more perfect, really.

That being said, I’m not perfect and I’ve not been good today on the relationship front, not been a good friend. I need to be better that way.

There was also a thread on Facebook about which states in the US were more or less “ignorant” in terms of racism and such … and for that matter, the world, right? in my mind. Now, again, in my mind, ignorance, as well as goodness, is everywhere, including in ourselves. Step outside, look inside, look outside — as Pogo? was it? said once? “We have seen the enemy and he is us.” Now in some places ignorance and racism is much more blatant, where people refuse to tip people who they deem are gay or what have you — and I think that is patently WRONG. I would choose to live elsewhere if I could have a choice.

But you can only move away and away for so long and say Not in My Back Yard for so long, before you find that some one is next door and maybe even within yourself. The darkness is within us all. I’m just sayin.

That being said, I did hear something incredibly outrageous yesterday that I wanted to comment on — a pastor of some sort, somewhere in the US was on a talk show advocating against GIRL SCOUTS and against buying girl scout cookies because he thinks Girl Scouts are not about godliness in women. He said it was okay to buy the cookies if you got a black magic marker and marked all reference to the Girl Scouts out. Really.

As far as I’m concerned the pastor is against the education of women. Period. He said that the Girl Scouts promoted lesbianism. He couldn’t be more wrong. I was a Girl Scout and well, he’s wrong. Bah.

Where do these ideas come from?

It’s like they want to take women back to the stone age where you bonk them on the head and throw them over your shoulder — barefoot and pregnant vessels, right? Gah.


I’m just sayin’.

It’s like history never happened. Like science doesn’t exist, like women’s education and women’s voices and writings and for that matter men’s writings on women’s education didn’t exist. I have heard that promoting women’s education globally is promoting peace and development globally. How’s that? I wonder what that pastor would think of that thought. Hmmm. He probably wouldn’t like where the thought came from, either, the United Nations. Nope.

Well, time to make the biscuits. Yum. 🙂


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