Vietnam Jungle II – VII

DSC_4939It was with some great trepidation that I picked up the tiny round brush this afternoon to begin the big reflection of the little island. Where to begin? Should I paint a background color, and paint layers up from there? I just … meh.

Well, I looked first at what I had in terms of limes, left on the palette. Not much. So I added the acrylic glazing liquid to those bits to extend them, and, I must say, the liquid makes it oh so much easier to paint with them, but less pigment, you must know, at the same time (a la vez).

I studied the foto for some good time and the painting as well, and then just went for it, painting some patches here and there, before determining that I could, and SHOULD paint a somewhat labyrinthine, grassy effect there for the whole thing.

Then I changed my mind, upon looking at the whole thing, completed thusly, and put in deepening darker effects, then changed my mind yet again. So that, to the middle section, there are about four layers of paint. Which will just have to dry, and I will come back with the tiny teeniniest round brush and do something spectactular in terms of grassy encoded hieroglyphic detail there, for now, that is the exact point of focus of the painting. Whaaa? Yes. Righto.

I have yet to possibly redo the upper cloudscape as well? and details here and there to intensify the entire painting, for it deserves the work. I mean, really, all that base work, and to not take it to the next level? Why not? I mean, I mean?

What a lovely day I’ve had! Jason woke me with a candle for a birthday wish on my regular Saturday pancakes — wishhhh! and then I got ready for regular walkies with Chipper as usual. Lovely. Met a neighbor who has an ailing dog we haven’t seen in some time and Chipper wanted to play.

Then, since yesterday, I’ve been explaining to Chipper in words he knows, about todays special walkies, an adventure to Monocacy Aqueduct, right? and that we’d come right home for sleepies and brushies. Well, not in that order.

He did great in the car, alternately looking out the window at trees and fields and Sun, and laying down calmly. There were only like three bikers out on the roads so that was a blessed relief, for it is stressful on the one lane road to pass, etc. Jason went super-slow with our precious cargo …

And we got there … Chipper was like coming out of a space ship, like where have we possibly landed? Look at all the trees, I said, Do you hear the birds? I don’t know if he’d heard some of those birds before, especially the rather loud and persistent woodpeckers, which were rather eerie. In fact, I held onto Jason’s sleeve and arm the whole time, watching Chipper as if he were a puppy, transfixed at his every reaction. It was so magical to see him there, to see his responses to the Nature there.

He was in his element, but it was truly somewhat overwhelming. He trotted along ahead of us confidently and for some time, but then caught a scent of something and stopped dead in his tracks … and would not continue. Goosebumps … so we turned around … I thought, Bear? but you know it could have been a deer, a raccoon, a fox. But we were certainly not going forward with his instincts so insistent.

He was spooked for sure, for some five minutes, looking back, and you know, the October golden leaves falling all around us making sounds as if someone stepped behind us, making us look back, too! Ha! It was great fun, and creepy.

We all didn’t calm down for sure until we had hit the main trail and open space where you could see the aqueduct, where we met another couple with another female dog, a sweet hunter, and Chipper sniffed and all was confidence again, he wanting to explore the world again, not wanting to go home just yet?

It was awesome …

Here is a foto of Chipper and me that Jason took …

amyandchipperbirthday13And to think that there is more to look forward to tomorrow!

Lovely lovely birthday wishes from soooo many dear friends on Facebook today, if I could show you — 🙂 it warms my heart —

I have been grinning and full of joy all day … and hope your day has been nearly so nice? here’s hoping so … Happy Autumn!



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