Vietnam Jungle III – I

DSC_4951So hard to take this one on … I have decided to go therapeutic instead of fine detail … and it is that … you should have seen it yesterday, but ahh I spared you that, it was quite RAW and dark, with vines that I have since taken out, with the mercy of the acrylic and my own lack of tumblage. That being said, there is a bit of magic coming about in the piece, which I’m not sure is coming forth in the foto? ? can you see it? I do hope so.

Here is the beginning palette from oh, now so long ago yesterday, a fresh one …

DSC_4947You should see the lovely mixes that are there now … ahhh … to make the Vietnam green of yore is quite the mystique experience … and darke … and sadde … green with lots of brown that has cars in it don’t you know … vroom vroom … dusty old things now …


and I saw courtesy of Jason, Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix performed live … you, me, you, killing me you, me you — so very sad and insane and perfect …

I have been using a round medium sized brush for spontanaety and lyricism … those moments … and intend lots of vineage and drippiness, ultimately, sans sketch — ow!

it could happen … let’s see …

dot dot dot impressionisme …

today with the pain not so much because I slept through the night, but the night past, I woke up at 2 ish and slept again at the four ish — hmm — ? so Saturday was surreal —

we were able to get Titanium White today 50% off at Michael’s today and Lord was it Christmassy and I must say … I am in the mood — some sort of forgiveness era has become … come to pass … the time of holidays … but … yes …

The Five Things … I’m supposed to embrace the abusers anyhoo — well they aren’t here … and some are dead … and I shouldn’t be around the rest, so how does that work? I’m not sure … lest … so effed up … psychological weirdness erupt … ewww

the cabernet is nice today and yesterday … a very nice moment with the shop owner who recalled his time in the Air Force at 19 in Montana apparently driving ? ? who had to just pull over for the beauty of the purple mountainage …. and recalled the emblazoned in his memory … stars at Wintertime in the absence of streetlights … and we both spoke of the wonder of how we’re on a planet as I bought the cabernet and the beauty of this particular Autumn being like Vermont without having to go there …

nothing against Vermont at ALL…

and slipper socks from Sundance y’all … Woolrich … a good buy


cosi fan tutti

come on Redskins, win this!

silly me

I’ll keep painting … carry on … but wanted to check in …

lots of flashbacks at bedtime last night and a few emails to my counselor … dizzy right now and a lot in pain but Happy Sunday, eh? looking forward to a week of showings!




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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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