Vietnam Jungle III – IV

DSC_4961Here I have worked almost entirely for a bit today on the left side of the canvas. I had to let go of a jellyfish-like design that I particularly liked. Sigh. It just was too delicate for the piece and didn’t really suit. So. We move on. However, above that, I did have the right idea, with vines, and went with that instead. I augmented those, and then began adding depth with a mix of a deeper green and gray (grey) mix. (I love both spellings, and can’t decide.)

Then the section needed LIFE! so I added the bright lime mix here and there and as you can see, went a bit WILDE, yet againe. I am loving this, but I feel there will be layers of WILDE that will be covered over with other layers. But isn’t that Nature, in fact and in truthe?

How I do love adding the “e”. Heh.


And then I went back, for it was a bit too yellow with the lime, and added white, according to the foto, and not the painting. NOT! Not even looking at the painting, mind you, just for silliness’ sake. I mean, really.

But then, I DID look at the painting, and a NEW thing happened. I realized something I’m calling “catchment areas” for light. This is prolly old as the hills, right? But for me, a self-taught, self-teaching painter, it is a new thing. Heh. So I added those all over the place.

Go figure, LIGHT needs a place to fall, and I think it falls in corners and angles and triangles and such, so you will/may see them if you like. Thusly I disrupted the WILDE layers of lime and vines. But I care notte.

Listened to Dave Matthews Band for the larger part of the painting session, because I needed some HEART … although he can be a lot juicy with the filling of the belly to make her happy, ie, to make her pregnant. Hey, if she wants that? but I would just the same be happy with, a piece of key lime pie. And be done, and not have the responsibility of sending someone to college. Hey, I love children so much, I am google-eyeing and coddling them constantly, relating with them and chattering with them like nobody’s business every time I see one. But I can’t personally handle it. The parenthood. The planet is full. UP. Way I see it. But that’s just me. Put a wrapper on it. and BE done. It’s that easy. No need for an abortion. Just put a condom on. Really. I mean, really.


Oh well.

Now I’m listening to the new Vampire Weekend. Gosh, how I’ve missed it. Yummmmm. Ahhhh.

Very scritchy and crunchy in all the right ways at the moment.

Kay. I rested twice today and slept very well last night. At the moment I am in enormo physical pain. I still have an enormo amount of anxiety which is difficult to explain. I rest and try to calm down and it just takes a lot of processing, just like everyone else who tries to meditate, I’m normal in thataway. Of course, but besides the muscular tension in my neck and shoulders and the physical pain in my back, … it’s not really racing thoughts or words … it’s like … being on the top of the roller coaster and not knowing when it is going to go down. That feeling. Why I don’t know. That must be the PTSD. The anxiety. So I work on my breathing.

BUT, with each breath, comes a flashback. Hey, that’s not cool, man! But that is what my inner world is like. So, I deal and process. I look and look at the marvelous Sun and remaining red leaves of the Maple through the venetian blinds and the blue sky, and the wonderful Dreamcatcher we have there some beautiful person made, with the one turquoise bead there, and the real feathers, that blow in the wind of the a/c or heat, depending, right?

While I was resting (if we can call it that, I guess we can) this morning, I realized how to get out of my many many (many many) weeks’ long writer’s block of my novel The Front Porch! You see, I had tried to enter into a description of the now ex-Marine’s PTSD way too early. And it was FREAKING ME OUT. It turns out it needed a mention, of two paragraphs, not a whole … going into … for to do that … would not only continue to FREAK ME OUT … but would divert the story way much … wayyyy … and I figured that out from the distance, relatively, of the bed, from the studio.

Hey, the art studio, from the music studio. Because there are two studios in the house, right? Jason’s studio and mine. Karl was good to point that out one day. I was like, right! So I point that out, here.

Okay, I need to eat dinner and rest now. If we can call it rest. Heh. Because there is an Art League of Germantown meeting tonight to go to. As well. Must go, for there is info about a Feb show of which I would like to be part.

Be well. 🙂


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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