Vietnam Jungle III – VI

DSC_4967Here I’ve gone in with my nearly tiniest Sable brush, and created lots of details, gone over spaces in the canvas where previous strokes had left the canvas blank still, added more to the vines on the huge tree to the right, painted in the rest of the blank canvas and deepened the upper right corner, deepened the vines on the left. Left happy trails on the left. Added a grounding triangle to the moss in the middle left. Keep? Hmmm. Closed in some white spaces in the upper middle trees and reshaped that space more cleanly.

I think that is it.

I also wrote 570 words in the novel today. woo.

It adds up!

We also went to Annandale Beanetics to take down those eight Tropical Landscapes and Tina’s Consignment in Gaithersburg to drop off sweaters I don’t wear for possible sale. Whew! And I rewrapped the paintings and Live Oak is up on the wall back at home. Safe.

So, time to rest — I will sleep tomorrow and tonight. My shoulder blade, back are acting up and so are flashbacks.

My counselor’s house is awry due to flooding so Skype will be all we have for several weeks. Serious upheaval in her house so wishing her well.

Meanwhile waiting hopefully to hear back from biofeedback/neurofeedback counselor covered by my Medicare/Aetna that starts December although he is in Silver Spring. We want to give that a try for me and it needs to be covered for it to make sense.

There is another one that does great work but is not covered, in Bethesda. So that’s no good, very expensive.

The novel is flowing well …

Well, this is short but I need to go rest now … thanks for understanding … 🙂


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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