Vietnam Jungle III – VIII

DSC_4973We were able to get Sap Green today and I painted in darker green vines as a result. Also worked on completion and neatening of Burnt Umber branches and tree trunks, including vines, then on whitening areas of sky.

I also added darkening catchment areas of shadow, as I had added them last week for light. I did that somewhat peripherally.

Have not painted in many a day, nor written every day, either.

Counseling on Friday was a bear, and over Facetime no less, because of repairs at my counselor’s home, which were unavoidable.

I think that was one of the roughest sessions we have ever had, and it had to be that distant. Bah …

So I have been processing a lot, not functional a lot.

That being said, we are blessed and look forward to a happy Christmas now. I partly decorated the tree today.

Even Chipper recognized some of the music and his eyes got very old and dark. I reminded him that he was in a happy home now and that I loved him, and that seemed to help. Wow, huh?

The holidays are certainly bittersweet for all of us as we grow older, and are filled with so many flashbacks for me. We have new traditions and join in with Jason’s family for carrying on and new traditions in Alexandria.

I cherish this time and look forward to sending out Christmas cards, giving gifts, being together, lights, everything!

Happy Holidays — I’ve been bitten by the bug! 🙂


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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