Vietnam Jungle III – Details

DSC_4976This is what I’ve been able to do with a tiny brush over the past few days, a little at time, which would not show in the larger photograph as a whole — details with the tiny round brush, in all sorts of colors.

DSC_4980There are, as I had said there would be, many many layers of wilde strokes here. So I am going back with the tiny round brush and adding tiny details to what came of that, now that the canvas is fully covered, for the most part.

DSC_4981And in the middle center, upper, is this kind of geometrical, sculptural clarity happening.

and there I am …

Having serious serious functional problems lately due to recent memories and the holiday … so haven’t been doing much creative or blogging, as you can see —

it will pass, right?

so I go along, doing fribs and fribs with the tiny brush and getting some things done …

the most I’ve been getting done is related to sending out responses to calls for artists religiously and getting Christmas shopping done — which is actually fun — 🙂

I also spent several days in fact decorating the Christmas tree. We were able to buy these beautiful hand collaged and painted ornaments from local artist Jeanne Sullivan, four of them, which I received on Monday.

DSC_4984There is one of them to the middle right, the pale cream and pink colored one. Marvelous with maps and special papers she finds in the light.

Fun, eh? Happy Thanksgiving today and Happy Holidsays! 🙂





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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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