Vietnam Jungle Reflections – Now and Next

DSC_4988From one tiny jungle foto to another … old growth jungle to trailing jungle foliage in a river flush with rain?

I think outward from where I am and try to bring closure and perspective to the current piece and am even more perplexed.

I think of the old growth subtropical foliage of the Southeastern island off of coastal Georgia, Cumberland — and Puerto Rico and Jamaica — whatever I can to try to stabilize myself in the foto — but it is still very hard when I think of Vietnam — even so

The original has so much more light, dripping off of upper reaching branches blanching in the tropical sunlight, almost beach-like, with greenery to match — and the lower trunks of older trees are laced with fungi that are cloud-like and doilies of acid greens and white citrus colors in the dark.

Yet there is not room for them all in my painting now.

On the right in the original foto there are bright, cheerful, diamond head shaped leaves dabbling the front of the largest tree trunk, but in my painting it is dark there, in codes, almost an infantryman going forward there. ?

So, I gaze at the foto, my painting, and now the next drifting, trailing foto I would most like to paint of all the 19-odd fotos there are left to paint, right? I looked at them all.

There they are on the computer screen above, old growth left and trailing to the right … now play Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros … such is life? mondo bongo?

It’s crazy deep how deep this series is ….

over and over I’m impressed with the beauty of the jungle and how just that very fact was something that the US soldiers, and well the Vietnamese soldiers as well, were unable to take in, because they were at war — every little tic in the landscape could be the motion of a gun, and eye, a muscle, a piece of camoflage — they were unable to enjoy any of the very beauty, to relax at all in that, and here are my paintings and am I able to relax either — ?


and somewhat not

I find myself on edge

between the foto and my expression and response to the beauty that I see …

well, time for dinner, got to go — Peace Out — 🙂



About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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