Vietnam Jungle III – IX

DSC_4989Here I have added chocolate shadows and striping, largely to the right of the painting, about five days ago, as I mentioned in the last post. I am at a standstill with the painting at the moment, with very few details to add, and the piece at a very delicate stage, and me as well.

You see, it only needs very few strokes and alterations now. I am in a state of rather wildness. That is about the only way to put it. I need not to be painting on a delicate painting, but starting and fleshing out a new one, rather wildly, but I must be patient for now, until my computer gets home.

Such is life – Joe Strummer.

It’s fine, really. I have about forty, count ’em, Christmas cards, yet to send, and I have already sent out, lovingly, that many. Yay. 🙂 It is a great thing for me to be spending my time on right now. Reaching out to my loved ones.

Chipper gave us a real scare this morning. I walked and fed him, and he raced around a bit as he usually does before coming to his bowl? only after he ate there was blood all where he had been standing. So we rushed him to the vet — see, he has this uber-toenail on the back right foot, and he had torn it away a bit from his paw running like that. Thankfully they just had to stop the bleeding with something and trim that nail a lot. He still favors it a bit and is super snuggly today. Woolite to the floor but we don’t care … as long as he is okay.

Waiting for the computer, you should see me overcramped typing on the laptop, thankful as I am for it, but on the floor in the den in a nonergonomic state — so can’t type long, eh?

I just wanted to let you all know I’m doing much better with processing the new memories of last week the past few days. I’m still a lot sad and in shock and flashing back but somehow I’m more accepting of the whole situation into my timeline. That is huge progress.

A high school friend posted in FB a foto of me from high school, sans eyeglasses for once, in the library, sitting down and before a table, chin literally in a very large book, eyes down, reading, with the largest frown.



I buried myself in books for decades — now they are more like independent study. Freedom! I was looking at my hands and arms a lot yesterday — hey, I’m not tied up!

Cray cray

okay — feeling the holiday spirit also every day as we go along in December so that is fine — celebrating the blessings are where it’s at — 🙂



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