Christmas Eve

DSC_4996so here we are on Christmas Eve, eh? it is a bit surreal I must say, eh? so much going on in my heart and head — I’m not the only one, I’ve heard — the holidays can be bittersweet from year to year and moment to moment — but for me they return to sweet — usually when we are around the table again for the first time, or back at the table eating dessert, hugging, thanking each other for fun and thoughtful presents — laughing — snuggling in after the long drive and waking to cinnamon buns in the morning — I can hardly wait for Jason and Chipper to open their presents! and more time with family tomorrow!

and then, the New Year! I really have so much to look forward to — I can hardly begin to tell you — but in time you will know, and hopefully look forward along with me — 🙂

this has been a hard December, in many ways a hard year — and I know the New Year is still ME and I will have down times as well because I am still healing — but the blessing is mixed in there — all the blessings are mixed in there —


I spent three hours getting my website software reconfigured successfully yesterday and my back paid for it — but that is done — and today the camera loaded right up into Photoshop like a charm which it has never done.

I do have to recreate the precise shortcuts for resizing my websize images tho. No worries.

Oh hey, get this — my copy of the novel, The Front Porch? it only goes up to 11/14. I wrote at least up to 11/28. So the hard drive that has (i hope …) the more recent back up from the day I took the computer in, will be the one we send in for $500 in the New Year for refurbishing. eep … so scary …

Hopefully finish the current painting in the next day or so? and start a new one rightly so. So looking forward to that.

Take care, and may your holiday be a celebration of love and loved ones, however you may find that joy. Namaste.



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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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