Vietnam Jungle III Finitti


it could happen, that I could finish this painting … yes, it very very well could. Sigh of relieffff. Can you SEE it? You really have to see this one and get some up close time with her, but I’m also liking her overall effects as well.



So I will start a new sketch soon, possibly tomorrow afternoon, possibly even after a nap tonight? Who can say?

Christmas was coolness on the one hand? and warmth on the other. If that makes any sense at all. Heh. The language is funny to me.

Family and Jason and Chipper were truly thoughtful and fun and it was lovely. I was in the present for a day or so and that was really a great thing.

I can feel the Sun today and am excited about the New Year and feel a release from some of the heartache, literally, that I’ve been struggling with all December it seems like. You see, yesterday and Christmas Eve night I experienced more JOY.

Love will do that to you.


Did I tell you that I’m going to be spending about an hour a month with a specialist from Yoga Bliss in Kentlands, MD at their studio? She works with people like me who have chronic conditions. Yay. More than yay, really, I wish to rejuvenate and recharge my practice and I have this foresight that I don’t know what’s about to happen to my life as a result.

That and swimming at the local Healthtrax sports place where because of Medicare I can go free. Swimming. Yum. I think I will try to go Monday. Monday!

So that’s all exciting to me as well.

Well now, I need to rest me. 🙂 Namaste.



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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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