Vietnam Jungle IV – Sketch





Above is the Vietnam river jungle that Nature built …

and here is my sketch for the painting I will attempt to capture the lovely mysterious foto …

… Yay!

I will need to change up my palette completely anew for this painting, which is somewhat sad. I will use up the greens that are down for now, so as not to waste the paint, but eventually she will be lost. The last palette was a lovely one. 🙂

Feeling depressed again as of yesterday. I am in parts excited about the New Year, but having trouble getting that excitement into my motivational/functional gear, as it were. That would be the one that is my root chakra? I guess. Something’s not connecting, and on the point of weepies. Bah.

I did start journalling yesterday for the first time in like a year or something, so that is very good, kind of a meditational exercise. I hate it. I truly do. I am supposed to have been doing it for about four weeks now, per my counselor and have been AVOIDING it. Hmm. Blogging is different. You think I’m looking at you, but this is Amy Lite.

Journalling is heavy heavy. Soul searching. Oh, it kills me. But it is good work that.

I have a friend who just moved to Michigan. Oh, my, God. She was right next door, literally across the way in the complex, and so understanding. It’s very hard. She said goodbye with her lovely curly red haired toddler on Christmas Eve. … I will write and she will write and she will visit. I know relationships transition, but it comes at a hard time. It never comes at a good time, does it? Right.

Still, it’s good to have someone to miss, eh? 🙂

Another friend has just yesterday invited me over to tea on Mondays … and I’m looking forward to that 🙂

Jason gave me, among other lovely things, an ITunes card, and I just bought a few albums, right? Albums they are: Vieux Farka Toure, Gaudi, Feist, and Black Uhuru (2 disks!) — listening to Black Uhuru now. 🙂

It’s a beautiful sunny day and pleasantly temped. Hee. Just wore the black moto jacket and my fave jeans and a tee, right? well, a gray lace trimmed scarf that reminds me of gingerbread on old houses, and Sanita boiled wool gray clogs that are kick butt on ice and snow. They have a large white flower each on them that could be a snowflake, or a flower? You decide.

It cheers me that the Dalai Lama is optimistic about the world lately. Yes.

I apologize for being in such a funk, tho. I don’t think it’s my nature, it’s just where I am right now. It is my hope to get re-energized and passionate about things again. Jazzed and peaceful is where I want to be again.

I had a great yoga workout last night that made me feel marvelous! I was ready to do each pose for ten breaths and it was awesome. Forward bend, (!), downward dog, etc. I can’t do much, but I do what I can. Looking forward.

Okay. Going to rest my funk for a time and hopefully paint some ? later today? Maybe ? We are going to Jason’s Mom’s house for dinner tomorrow afternoon so there won’t be painting tomorrow.

We get a new dryer on Monday and I have errands then, too, but am hopeful to paint on Monday, etc. 🙂 Namaste. Thanks for hanging in with the funky me.


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