Vietnam Jungle IV – II

DSC_5010Here I have begun to paint with a small round brush within the lyrical strokes, the matte form within the lines. Eh? Now I did go back in with a very fine round brush in dark green to shape and dance the branch, don’t you know.

that took some hours?

a quiet day of washing socks … the good result is lots of clean and dry wool ragg socks from Christmas for both of us from LL Bean, the initial finding that they are incredibly slippery on the vinyl flooring, and no one wanting to do the splits … I tossed the first load, Jason’s into the wash, so we couldn’t get them mixed up by size … then much delicate and careful drying

that being said we only got the dryer replaced yesterday, and thanks to a great (!!!!!) safety feature in the dryer were not further damaged when a bird’s nest or two clogged the vent? eh? happy holidays? so we have not mentioned the lack of clean towelage have we? non?

sigh but that is over now and we are in fresh laundry, which I must say is almost, almost, as nice as a New Year. You know what I mean? do you have this Spring Cleaning kind of feeling as well?

I needed this changeover so much, I changed two days early with the calendar. There is an amazing slice of a Nautilus shell there on the calendar for January — fresh January is as nice as a piece of pie to me right now and I can hard wait for business to open for 2014. Yes.

You don’t even know.

No, you don’t!

You will just have to wait and see.

I ordered more Elbow from 2012, much likey, Crash from Dave Matthews Band, which was something long delayed, in my usual and strange way of avoiding the popular even if amazing obvious stellar genius … eh … overdue … and Elvis Costello and the Roots Wise Up Ghost which I listen to now — and will in the IPod —

one of the cuts came up while I was typing in my wordplay of the day from words2 into Twitter on a bit of a roll and it just fit that I should get that — it all synched — yay!

well worth the wait on all …

we are so blessed with genius musicians —

when you really look and listen off the radio headlines, eh?

underground always has the best digs before anyone else —

or at least I least I like to think so

Oh, I’m SO …




I need to read Octavio Paz this year — it’s this YEAR!!!

Happy New Year!!



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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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