Vietnam Jungle IV – III

DSC_5012Yesterday and for some time today I’ve been painting details of foliage in different colors with a tiny round brush, gray for the second trailing branch yesterday which again took some good time, and this morning in a mid-green mix from the last painting for a branch which reaches into the water.

This is a labor of love. It doesn’t feel as daunting as Vietnam Jungle I did, however, which was enormous in terms of detailed foliage work in the end. I feel as though I have so much more experience now, I’m ready for it. I’m flowing with it. I know more about how much paint to put on the tiny brush, and I’m not exasperated to return for more to the palette in a short period of time. I feel Zen about it.

So that’s good. 🙂

On the other good side, my spirits are levelling out, to the point that I can feel my sense of humor returning, deep down. That’s huge. I’m not giggly, yet. But I find myself laughing at the little things here and there again. That is such a good sign, I thought I’d tell you.

That being said, bah, I’m on my monthly cycle starting yesterday and feeling crampy, yay! and very snuggly, odd things cramping up like a huge crick in the left side of my neck that I woke up with. No amount of Skelaxin, Epsom salts or Pamprin seems to touch it so far. So I’m calling it a day.

Fortunately, the Winter Storm they have called Hercules and some other circumstances have pushed my counselor visit into tomorrow at noon, which suits nicely with the previously mentioned situation.

So bed it is.

Oh. The Elvis Costello and the Roots album is a must buy, you all. I’m just saying. Must must.

Listened to The National’s Trouble Will Find Me and Patty Griffin’s Silver Bell at the momentito and both are also musts, but must you? you MUST get the Elvis Costello album.

You will be most pleased. Listen to it on an IPod or with headphones for all the delicious and dark words, a second and third time so that shock wears off and you can hear it the third. And the Roots, ahh. It’s sweet.

Oh, still looking, now for “therapeutic” yoga person. Now with the local Healthtrax folks, where I can also swim. We shall see. eh?

Lots of flashbacks and alter activity today, which make me dizzy and a lot more fragile and disoriented. Bedtime should be somewhat delirious. Great. Music and meditation should help, and hopefully tomorrow will be better? Wish me luck.

Okay, time to curl in for the day. Very blessed to have the freedom and no guilt to do just that.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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