Vietnam Jungle IV – VI

DSC_5021First today, I went back and completed the kind of filigree work on the “wing” portion near the Raw Umber branches, which I was calling butterscotch the other day.

Then I rebegan work on the Chrome Green leaf work of the major piece of foliage dipping down into the water in the foreground, following the sketch as much as possible, but knowing I could edit the “fat” of the leaves as need be with the Sap Green on a second pass.

I then went back with such a second pass, and will in another session need to go back at the very least with a Chrome Green pass, a) to correct Sap Green mistakes and b) to reshape and bring forward the Chrome Green where the Sap Green is too powerful in its designs.

I was a bit tired of the abstract doodle to the far right, so I spent the rest of my time fleshing out a bit of depth there.

Yesterday we did indeed brave the heavy rains to Alexandria for our lovely framers, Apex Molding, and we will pick up the framed pieces next week. Prices have doubled! Eek!

But it is worth it, and there is a new special glass we are using on the pastel for Bryce Canyon II. Awesome — museum glass that is not an extra price.

Then I volunteered for two art shows at BlackRock Center for the Arts, which was a blast, actually, to meet fellow artists in the Art League of Germantown who were also volunteering, the other artists on show, and their family members — oh, just everyone!

The two art exhibits are very special as well. Especially the one on the ground floor, which is extremely profound and simple, but complex a la vez, don’t you know — where have we heard that before?

It is somehow based on Roman ruins and frescoes and temples and has these white silk floating pilllars? Mesmerizing.

I was talking with the Mother of the artist about how it reminded me of an old creative visualization of mine, a breathing yoga temple at the beach — where long long windows facing the beach in the main room with wood floors where we all in our various stages and capacities do yoga and meditate, there, the long windows have these pale silk sheers, curtains, that breathe in the ocean wind. ah.

So the pillars moved kind of like that.

Since I’ve rented for my adult life mostly, I’ve not put up any sheers, but one day … I dream.

And one day … I’d like to build the yoga temple where people can come and breathe with the windows. I guess ways away from the beach now with the climate change. Gah.

So today we went to the Freer and Sackler Galleries right next to the Smithsonian Castle on the National Mall … and it was a breathtaking experience … it’s like a dream for me to go there, like watching the Rose Parade, like seeing your President inaugurated … it’s like goodness street for me …

Highlights include me remembering the filigree of the exhibits when I was painting the filigree of the jungle on the painting of the wing this afternoon … you see I have this thing about bauhaus, soooo extremely minimalist … when I adore Rococo (and the song by Arcade Fire, btw) although some people find it grotesque for what it symbolizes, excess, etc. I think of all the wonderful craftsmen. Where are they??

But then how I love the Shaker style of furniture. And Modernism in furniture. and Industrial — shiite. I’m all over the place — I adore Nature and I want // no crave // a black room somewhere with industrial orange cones and flashing lights and Do Not Enter and whatever anyone would let me have — and a disco ball and a lava lamp — and a black light — and who wouldn’t want to have a crazy party in there ??


But I love Nature

and where I was headed with this … is that we were looking at this amazingly fine and detailed, ornate, elegant handwork on bowls and earrings and swords and Buddhas and … what have you and … I miss it.

You look around and well. Well.

There’s an awful lot of cement and thankfully some zoning and such have saved us some trees? Some new buildings I like, but … okay.

The other highlights from today … the Women in Chinese Painting exhibit had a huge … piece of calligraphy which was beautiful in and of itself, but on the borders, the … someone had abstracted with a pen or brush, unique, web and foliage-like work for some four-inches surrounding — oh! oh! see, this is the kind of “coding” I have been doing — kind of a mix of … vines, smoke, foliage, water, webs, something — you know how mysterious Nature can be when she gets misty in the shadows — you don’t know what you’re looking at from a distance —

The Buddhist sculpture hall was amazing — in fact, I introduced myself to each one — and when I “met” the Cosmic headless Buddha I had seen in 3D six months ago via Twitter, it said “I know your name” — ha! that’s my imagination —

I also liked the early Chinese Buddhist society translated as Pure Earth. Yum.

And then, Dewing’s paintings at the Freer Gallery were breathtaking, honestly. Time Travel!

I studied and absorbed them as much as I could, and then tore myself away.

I also enjoyed the Yoga exhibit at the Sackler immensely.

My Wicked Yoga instructor arrives at 1 pm tomorrow and I’m most excited.

Physically, all of this has left me very tired, as you can imagine.

Emotinonally — Mentally — I’ve had sense memories again now that I’m on a lower dose of Abilify — which we did because I went on a higher dose right before the back surgery and a) we didn’t think I needed it anymore and b) it was two high co-pays for Abilify since I had to take an am and pm dose — and I’m having more dialogue in my head between alters, seeing flashbacks and hallucinations more intensely. Everything’s more intense.

So far it’s manageable.

The weather today was perfect. I’m hoping to take Chipper on a very long walk tomorrow. He is ready. No, he is more than ready. He has been acting out a bit and craving attention, so I’m trying but his meter is due. So I’ll spend more time with him in the days to come.

Time to rest. Meditate. Chill. Manage what comes. Namaste.


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