Vietnam Jungle VI – IX

DSC_5031Here the foreground foliage is really coming alive … it’s really exciting to me to see this happening before my eyes … leaf by leafe … I did start to add a bit of definition with Sap Green as well — yes!

So much balancing will be going on with the darkness and contrast, light and depth — going forward — and the watery sections are going to BLOW MY MIND — I predict — from the original foto — to try to capture all the layers and movements and colours — hee

so this is an odd week for me — Jason is up in NY State in a mansion no less, mixing a good colleague’s album for him — and I am solo with Chipper — so far so good

that being said — Chardonnay — hee




I’m being good, mind you — but it’s nice to have a bit of a holiday, don’t you think?

Chipper is taking it well, and overnight, although I admit I’m very scared walking him at the 4:30 am … I trust our instincts, the flashlight, the mace, and my ability to frighten the hell out of any living creature by MY own animal fright — yay uh

heh — well I will assuredly do my best at all the self defense tricks I have been taught at the women’s college when we had that guy walk throught the dorm? that time and etc and etc and the years of karate for sure — right o


anyhoo it’s nice so far

flashbacks continue per usual, etc — had a quiet night — but my back is technically what they call squidgy back, i think this the proper medical term, yes? agh — flash yoga continues …

tonight will be veggie stir fry —

hey, deets on the NYC show:

It’s All About Things Gallery, 6 North Pearl Street, Suite 204 H, Port Chester, NY, 10573 — Opening Saturday, March 8 for four weeks! — three artists will be showing their art in the minimuseum show, including eight of my industrial fotos! more details to come … i.e., the time of day it will be open!

indmachtool2470playHere is one of the eight — and they are going to be 16 x 24 prints framed up and $500 each — what a bargain, truly — heh

for real —

le sigh — so excited about this — pinch me!

so now to walk Chipper on time and make the stir-fry!




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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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