Vietnam Jungle IV – X

DSC_5034Now the most forefront foliage is complete …

I did also attempt a little layering with the darker blue-green mix here and there. You won’t be able to tell. The layering with the Sap Green is much more evident.

Filled in more of the depth of the mid-right, but will be pulling more light and contrast striping? there in the future.

had to stop because of my back — a lot of achies today —

ohhhh the snowwww … oh. so beautiful it’s closed the Federal Government, don’t you know, straight off. That’s big. Like a blizzard, I thought several times, until I thought, Maybe it is? Eight inches of snow right outside our door, I think, but who can say. Not like Snowmaggedon, which was ice snow ice snow gah or something but

no, it’s nice

limiting, but I’ve got nothing to do but paint and rest, and create some documents for the show by the end of the week — and do yoga

it’s nice

dinner turned out well last night and is all packed up for scooping out each night this week

my appetite is good and my anger is down

i’ll take it

i’m loving the kind of poetry that words 1 is on Twitter right now and wonder if anyone else is … heh

le sigh

why did it take me so long to start collecting Calexico? gah! I got two of theirs, Algiers and the EP with Iron and Wine, last night and I am just stunned at how much I like them — yay

I’ve been singing out a bit more, since I’m by myself, and giggling here and there, out right laughing out loud — in the studio — fun — I think I’m just about ready to practice singing for real and get back to the Joni Mitchell tribute album again.

listening again and again and to alt-J now — love this album so very much — it soothes and inspires and jiggles/jolts in the most delicious and inspiring ways —

I think music helps heal me — old music, and sometimes new, will trigger stuff — hard to say what all — in me, in my soul — and stir up storms of flashbacks and emotions and … ? but it does ultimately heal me and make me think and relate better with others through shared experience, even if it is through hearing an isolated situation of someone in a song — or a community one — it all counts — or an instrumental — sometimes I feel like I am dancing in my mind since I can no longer dance the way I wish, and sometimes sailing or flying —

sometimes though the flashbacks are not so nice and I have to change the music — rutro

okay — so here is a new scoop for you all that I have been going back and forth about telling you

so, I am turning fifty years old this year, right?

like I haven’t been blogging right and left about this, yes?

so this is a worthy year for reflection and many things, including major major adventure and celebration — it’s a half century I’ve survived, folks!

okay okay

Paris — we’re going to have my birthday celebration in Paris the weekend of October 26, this year, which falls on a Sunday thankfully this year. So that Saturday and Sunday are perfect for a long weekend, and we are going for a Wed-Wed or something like to be there for a Wed-Wed. (Tues/Th)



I ask myself. But yes, we are. The majority of the trip I will be taking many many fotos of the geographic locations I mentioned (and found through Google maps and web tourist sites alone, hee) in my novel Rebekah’s Closet. I’m writing it up into a screenplay so I can hopefully have it made up into a moooooovie. Right? Yes. It just isn’t the same, really, without lovely fotos. Oooomph. Disneyish. Because it kind of goes there, it’s so visuelle.

I’m psyched about that and it makes me feel less guilty. This is all therapeutic to my soul, ultimately, because it’s like fulfilling some sort of dream …

There is more, but you will see …

Pinch me …


mais oui!

oh, so I’ve been trying to get my French up in my head? and my Spanish comes up most helpfully and even playfully and other ways that are hard to describe because it’s so automatic, lovely dear Spanish mind, you.

My French is standing there trying to think of words from out of the blue, which is where French and Spanish and English and made-up and poetry and words always come from …

When Spanish tackles French from behind and takes over with the rest of the sentence, again, helpfully, playfully, or in its own sort of Spanish is better anyway why were you trying to speak French, carina?

So I will need to invest in some sort of Rosetta Stone ish sort of thing for me and definitely for Jason to help us out. And there is a box of beginning French books in the garage. I just knew, one day …


C’est marveilleuse.

Okay, gotta rest the back and mind, soul, everything.




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1 Response to Vietnam Jungle IV – X

  1. Jason Stelluto says:

    Good blog today sweetie.

    How is it down there? Snowing here ….. Rees may not make it back. His wife is making us Salmon for dinner. They really honored my request for healthy food.

    Saw a red headed wood pecker at their bird feeder, and the black snow jibby birds too. Bald eagle flying over the Boyd’s reservoir directly across the street. Mixing feels like it is going well…maybe I have not forgotten it all after all?

    I miss you both and will check in via FaceTime sometime after 6p.

    I love you so very much! Jason :):0):p

    Sent from my iPad

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