Vietnam Jungle IV – XX

DSC_5049Today I’ve created a mid-section of Sap Green and the darker blue-green mix. They are like jewels, they are so translucent, and I strove hard to make the brush strokes worthy before they dried.

But then my back started to seize. I also was shaking and had to eat more food.

But still, that’s good progress on the painting. Yoga twice already today and heard from the yoga instructor, reporting back to her with my completed yoga journal and slow progress with the poses, due to the limitations of my neck and back cramping.

Flashbacks during the transfer of the photographs from the camera caused a panic attack momentarily, ten minutes, and I am dealing with the after effects of that internally, a bit of dissociation and anger rattling around. Agh.


I had been studying the last attempt at a Rage painting in that series and lost focus for a time which caused the severe flashbacks, actually at the tail-end of the painting session, then the photographs of the painting, then the transfer, panic attack. Bah.

Memory in the short term sometimes slips a blip. Bit, Bip.


I love Jazz because it plays with that for that very reason. Well, for many reasons, but that is a deeply-held one.

So I’m feeling even more emotionally shaky and in need of bedtime now, possibly even more stabilizing yoga poses antes …

Now to rest me, sorry for such a short blog.





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