Vietnam IV Finitti


It was so hard to let this one go. The water kept calling to me to move it this way and that … I just had to stop. I decided it is like a photograph, a snapshot, a moment in time. There is movement; it is not still; it’s spooky thataway, on edge.

I finished it technically yesterday with a cool mix of sky blue, Cobalt Blue and Titanium White. But no. Today I went back with the tiniest round brush and added an unusual Pthalo Blue (Green Shade) I had on the palette in the darkest parts of the water, that you have to KNOW are there, more elements of illumination in Chromium Green, Sap Green, clarifying, neatening, deepening.

Overwhelming. Had to rest. Was going to make the next sketch, just so. Back seized on me, and really, overwhelmed sensorily. Emotionally. Ida know. Flashbacks of this and that, can’t tell you. Right? Bah.

So resting just now was awesome, good breathing and a new face, fresh for a while to blog with and post this delight, luscious foto of the next inspiration for Vietnam Jungle V:

vietnamjunglepuresquareYou will see a large monkey of some sort in the mid-left — who will NOT appear in the final painting, nor the sketch. There may be brown, but not a monkey. Sorry, I don’t do them well enough for you to know that was intended to be un mono.

There were about three that I chose from before deciding upon the graceful, almost waterfall effect of this foto. Le sigh. How I love it. I am beyond being fearful of the challenge of these now and am more in love with the depth and wonder of them, enfolding me, exploring them. I know I cannot truly capture them? I’ve stopped trying for perfection, only to reach for them as best as I can. I am blessed this is my hobby and pursuit …

I am blessed also that the emotions inside me are calming — I am still at work at something that I am needing to tell to be calm and gentle — but it is less difficult — still a bit of a grump in the am — but then it’s hard to get me back down again once I’m up —

Major ice storm overnight and the brilliance of the delicate trails from each branch — the neighborhood’s gone Disney Frozen? I haven’t seen the   movie — it’s melting off just now at four pm but all day it’s been a lyrical world to walk Chipper in

Sadly, very sadly Jason fell this morning but not badly enough to go to the doctor — he is mixing music as we speak — this was before the sidewalks were treated, as he has the overnight walkies — sigh — so thankful he was not hurt

Lots of tea to drink today — practicing singing again for this Saturday, when we will begin recording for the Blue and then Some Tribute Album to Joni Mitchell, with Hejira — so much admired that I must put the lyrics down for you here — part of my overwhelm/ment — today —

by Joni Mitchell


I’m traveling in some vehicle

I’m sitting in some cafe

A defector from the petty wars

That shell shock love away

There’s comfort in melancholy

When there’s no need to explain

It’s just as natural as the weather

In this moody sky today

In our possessive coupling

So much could not be expressed

So now I’m returning to myself

These things that you and I suppressed

I see something of myself in everyone

Just at this moment of the world

As snow gathers like bolts of lace

Waltzing on a ballroom girl


You know it never has been easy

Whether you do or you do not resign

Whether you travel the breadth of extremities

Or stick to some straighter line

Now here’s a man and a woman sitting on a rock

They’re either going to thaw out or freeze


Strains of Benny Goodman *

Coming through the snow and the pinewood trees

I’m porous with travel fever

But you know I’m so glad to be on my own

Still somehow the slightest touch of a stranger

Can set up trembling in my bones *

I know no one’s going to show me everything

We all come and go unknown

Each so deep and superficial

Between the forceps and the stone



Well I looked at the granite markers

Those tribute to finality to eternity

And then I looked at myself here

Chicken scratching for my immortality

In the church they light the candles

And the wax rolls down like tears

There’s the hope and the hopelessness

I’ve witnessed thirty years

We’re only particles of change I know I know

Orbiting around the sun

But how can I have that point of view

When I’m always bound and tied to someone

White flags of winter chimneys

Waving truce against the moon

In the mirrors of a modern bank

From the window of a hotel room


I’m traveling in some vehicle

I’m sitting in some cafe

A defector from the petty wars

Until love sucks me back that way



© 1976; Crazy Crow Music


again with the editing I could sit here and do for you with my lovely back issues to make that pretty up there — but you know — it’s the words that count, not the spaces ….

it is a wonderfully empowering song to sing — not as gymnastic to sing as the songs on the Blue album — so I’m grateful — I can stretch out a bit on the notes —

this will be the last recording on guitar we have from Dennis Nielsen we have for some time — he is enrolling in massage school for some years —

we are most grateful for his talent and time on the Chris Whitley tribute album and on the Joni Mitchell project thus far!

we have just today been able to send off the backup hard drive with what we hope has the most up to date version of The Front Porch — sigh — fingers crossed! we should know something in a few days, or next week?

I couldn’t go forward on the project until we did that, so we shall see …

In my reading of Ortega y Gasset, he is further instilling in me an excitement to study. Anything. But not to be a dilettante, which I can be on the borders, eh, while I determine, scan the world, for what to study, be on the alert? But to focus … He said teachers are to teach the need for the subject to be learned, not to force it down their students’ throats. Not in so many words, does he say that, but basically. So, science, for example — The need for science to be studied, not you must learn science just because it must be learned. Why? Science must stand up for itself and tell the student why! The teacher is the great communicator for the subject — to explain the big WHY. Otherwise, why should the student care? Force is not an option in the modern school.

Ahhh. Music to my ears.

So I’m loving this.

But I wonder WTF? What ever did happen to school reform?

Okay, I’ll just keep wondering.

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