Vietnam Jungle V – IV

DSC_5070Now I’ve mixed a new lime — of many limes to be! and this is really late in today’s painting, but I’ve added it as a new branching from the right … as a background to the darker green foliage growing from the lower middle …

Also I’ve alternated the Chromium Green and Sap Green leaves in the middle right … whew! Lots done today!

Today I saw an image that really said it all for me about the magic of the day … the mystery of human love … a tiny image, really … on the left, a little wooden button sort of thingy with a stamp on it, a seal, of a human heart in a realistic image way — with veins and arteries and vesicles and chambers … don’t you know? a pulsing, beating human heart —

next to it was like what we associate with the holiday of Valentine’s Day — a red foiled puffed out perfect heart of a thing — lovely and sweetheart —

and both are just as real


and in one, the one on the left — somehow that is where the heart chakra literally RESIDES — okay? but i think my heart is everywhere somehow in me — maybe you feel that way, too?

maybe it’s just me and that is a super-tangent, btw

but … the human heart generally is associated with feelings and generating the LOVE, feeling, don’t you know — good and bad — argh — good and bad


ultimately, for we are blessed

we are one

the heart, though — this is what gets me about that tiny image today — it’s a muscle, folks! it’s a bodily part and somehow we are bodies and are capable of mystery — it’s a miracle among miracles, i tell you … 🙂 — how is it possible that we are capable of so much compassion and courage and … vibrance … dedication … passion … wow! and LIFE FORCE as individuals … and more … from the heart? it’s an amazing wonder of the EARTH … a miracle …

and that is all I have to say about that

at the moment, Happy Day … wherever you are at … Namaste!



About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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