Vietnam Jungle V – V

DSC_5071I’ve mixed a bright mid-lime green and added it to the mid-upper right section for a bit of foliage flowing down … and there is a terrace-like section now in the middle of the painting, for which I alternated two shades of the lightest limes, with delicate Burnt Umber veining. I’ve also painted with the new bright lime four large leaves in the foreground.

So yesterday was a wild day ultimately. Jason and Karl were amazing troopers and delivered the eight industrial photographs through sleet and snow in a 10 hour trip to NYC and back overall … only for Chipper, dear boy, to hurt himself last night showing off to me running around the house hurting his back paw …

and for Jason and I having to take him to get his nail clipped short for him at the animal emergency room right away …

Chipper is fine now, but it was a traumatic howling event for sure and he is still in a bit of pain … we still have a lot of carpet to clean as well, for tomorrow, as we are still all resting up from yesterday …

Besides that, it has been largely a day of “rest”, i.e., emotional processing.

That being said, I did list 27 items on an outline for my meditation dvd, from which I will cull down a shorter grouping of behaviors, tools, issues and the lots, for now it is a mix of all. Cool, that I jumped up from resting to list them, though, instead of being a lump! Righto.

No more lumps.

Snow abides. It is rather fascinating in the ways that it blew in waves and things, and the way that it melts underneath itself, but it is here to stay for some time, regardless of warmer temperatures.

I’m happy for warmer temperatures, mind you. We are blessed. I continue to bundle up, but will be wearing skirts before too long.

It is quite surreal as a landscape, the further you get into our neighbhorhood, because the snow piles are so very large.

I was saying things to myself I wanted to post on Facebook but happily did not, like Snow is officially overexposed. Snow, get over yourself. Just stop it, Snow.

Because it kept snowing and snowing on top of so much snow. All right all ready.

But now that we are past that, it is a situation.

Not unlike a beach. Of a sort. Especially as it warms up, so it gets weirder.


So resting was restful to a short point today. My neck is cricky and I keep trying to GET it, you know. Stretchy stretchy and massage points. Yow all the way to my jawbone from the back of my skull. There’s something there! Will point out to the massage therapist on 2/28, for sure.

The new muscle spasm medicine is slowly breaking up the spasms, along with regular flash yoga practice still, but it’s still a process. I’m hopeful that the physical therapy work starting on Wednesday is going to really get this out of my back for good so I can go more deeply into my yoga practice as I had hoped in January for my New Year’s resolution to keep the screws in my back from the surgery.

So I rested for like 5-10 minutes if that much, before I started having severe flashbacks and emotional pain. I realized how much release work I do literally, letting go of stuff related to my back and the back of my neck, the back of my head, inside my head — how I do that I do not know. But that is part of my release work — and it HURTS — letting go — it’s like, scary, like someone’s there, so I have to reassure myself it’s okay — letting out big sighs and stuff — but there is literal, physical/emotional pain there that gets released and sometimes seizes right back up until letting go of it several more times — gah!


that’s what I did for about an hour and a half and I feel much better — whew


but it helps, whatever it is I do there with the emotional release work —

well — I hope you are having a good Sunday, however you are choosing to spend your time! 🙂 Namaste!




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