Vietnam Jungle V – VI

DSC_5076Today I worked exclusively in Sap Green, and with almost exclusively single, lyrical strokes as well. You can see where I worked, in the lower left and a string of vineage going up the mid-left to the right of the brown tree trunk. I used the new bright brush for this, and it worked like a charm. Ahhh. I also did a bit to the far right border, as this Sap Green work will be filling in the lower front border around those two lower leafy areas, also, in time.

My back would not let me continue further, nor would my flashbacks/emotions. Gah. So it is.

Hey, though, Chipper is well. The vet decided yesterday that he is too old at fourteen years to undergo surgery to have that freaky toe/nail removed, so we will just have to be extra sharp (!) coming in to keep that one trimmed down to the 1/4 inch or so it is now. Wow.

He also got a new painkiller, which made him much less restless, so Jason got a full night’s sleep last night again.

I’m so looking forward to my physical therapy evaluation and getting started with that, although twice a week appointments will eat into my painting and creative time considerably — that is just what it is going to take to get my back (hopefully) better from these weird spasms, eh?

Lately also I have major alters coming up from my old babysitter’s abuse during second and third grade — major time shifts even while I’m standing up, and especially so when I’m “resting”. Lots of strange head shifting, pains, ugh. So I’m working through that, lately, being yesterday afternoon forward to now.

Oh, all the alters from 1974 to before then are up, really in the past 24 hours. I don’t know what’s up. I had a semi-minor memory but I’m not sure other than that. It’s been hard to walk around the house and to walk Chipper, not recognizing my stuff around the house and things, dizzy and faltering steps.

I emailed my counselor about the semi-minor memory, but no reason for her to really respond. I’m sure things will settle out like they always do.

Looking at all the colors and prints, graphic and painterly, pink and blue, stark white and black — for the Spring season — have firmly decided, year after year — that it’s how you wear it, not what you wear — but that you choose carefully and collect well from what you like — and nab what you like because you may not see it again? —

fun, otherwise —

the body a palette, non?

gotta run … Namaste!



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