Vietnam Jungle V – VIII

DSC_5082Today I painted in the next brightest lime mix, down the center and to the low right … in this lyrical way … how else to describe it, I do not know. It’s like painting butterflies or something, and requires complete concentration. I mean, filling in a shape does, too, in the matte, because I want to cover the area with a full layer of paint, without leaving brush marks. But this is different. In the former situation, I can brush and brush, and regardless of what I do, I can paint over it numerous times, get more or less paint from the palette, etc.

In the latter, or lyrical, case, I have to know how much paint is on the side of the brush I am painting with, and on the other, for that matter, because I will be needing it soon. I need to know what that paint will do on the canvas, and what the brush will do, and if I don’t know, I need to pay attention to what they do.

Now, I’ve been learning all along, since 1993. 

However, this is a new brush. A delightful one, for that matter — hoorah!

So that’s clever, and to my great benefit. 

And I’ve been doing this new, wild thing and more coding thing with the jungle foliage that is semi-unique to the Vietnam Jungle series and unique to the Tropical Landscapes series. I think there is a bit in the Tropical Energy series, though I would have to study it, or just look. Hee.

Anyway, I am liking the painting and the series and that feels good.

Today Jason went to borrow his Mom’s carpet cleaner today for to clean Chipper’s stuff off the carpet when he’s able and of course I will be helping where possible. Now he’s making vegetarian chili. What? Go man, go! and thank you, Arlene, who also sent another vacuum cleaner! 🙂

I meanwhile began drafting the narrative, three pages’ worth, of what is now called “Meditation and Other Positive Tools: Skills for Coping with the Effects of Child Abuse, An Educational DVD.” Cool.

Well, not really what I had to write today, you know, the background on me, the abuse, the diagnoses. Bah. Next I write about the behaviors and symptoms. I got to that part and had to take a break.

So, my goal is to have it roughly outlined by Friday. I’m like that. I think I can do it. Yay.

Then, go over it in counseling, and see how it sounds, well, start anyway, that’s a lot of pages to go through at one go.

And, I thought this morning, I’d like to do it as a LIVE video. One shot. Ha. In front of an audience of appropriate people. I need a space, an appropriate space now. 

The weather today and yesterday has been so cheering. I took Chipper on long walkies for the first time in many a week, due to extreme cold and then the snow-in. It has felt sooo good. Indescribable. Wore mini skirts with black leather moto jacketa both days, yah? Yah. Shades of gray are so working with the jacket.

Back is doing well in terms of flexibility in yoga poses and lack of spasms considerably compared to pre-physical therapy but pain is way up overall, like 80%. Bad sleeping last night, bad, bad. ARgh. But doing exercises and yoga where I can rather grumpily. Sorry. I just say it now I’m sorry. Bah. Heh.

It will get better I know, and I’m pleased to have a massage on Friday. Haircut on Wednesday. So excited about the haircut, as the hair is really, gah. So hard to manage this week. It could be worse, Amy, really. Bah. Poor dear.

Wrote that short story last week for the alma mater, I told you? I think I did. Anyway, Jason did me the favore to read it and the narrative for the meditation DVD this afternoon when he got back, and thought both were ready, or really close. So, for the short story, I panted, literally — it’s rough? rough? or? close? No, he said, It reads well. It’s there? It’s about there, he said. 

So, that’s good, you all. I was agonizing. Had no idea. I worry.

Okay, so I know I posted before I had painted a whole ton more but my back was hurting really badly and I listened. So, rest is in the cards for now. 🙂

Take care, you all. 🙂 Namaste.




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