Vietnam Jungle V – XI



Now all of the canvas has been painted. Not only that, I’ve gone back and added my code work in places, and she is almost, almost (!) done. She needs a while to sit, and I will need most likely a new mix of bright lime to finish her tomorrow?

What do you think?

I hardly know where to begin on catching you up since my last blog.

Suffice it to say, I have been through a lot.

No let up on muscle spasms, and in fact, I started my so-called monthly cycle, which had skipped about three, which had been fine by me, right? Gah.

Hmm. So that does explain a lot of the edginess from this past week, for almost as soon as it began Friday night, I melted into a nice mellow mood to match.

But then the severe flashbacks began, which were of Vietnam? My Lai Massacre of 1968 in particular. I’m so sorry to bring it up — I was only four I know — but I was alive and aware, quite aware of what was going on. I remembered last night how I would cry when we would torch the grass huts, hoping they had gotten all the people out first, right? Not understanding.

Extremes of politics are wrong. That’s all I will say on the matter. The whole war was an awful shame and my memories of it are horrific, along with what was happening to me at home at the very same time.

What a night last night. I woke up almost on the hour all night long.

Tomorrow we are supposed to have about 8-10 inches of snow. Now that I’ve almost finished the current painting, and I have a new one almost at the sketching stage, that gives me a lot to do suddenly, along with all the writing in my hands, for the er, novel? what? novel? yes. and the meditation DVD.

But still. At least Winter is on her way out.

I’m supposed to have physical therapy tomorrow at 2:40 — we shall see if that happens.

Amazingly painful neck and shoulder spasms today, which nothing would touch/break, what have you. So I asked for some scotch whiskey, yes I did. I found that sipping was just not right. It was best to have a real swallow without allowing me to taste it and throw it back. Here and there. Yes. I quite forgot about the spasms for some good hours.

Now they’re back. Oh well. It was a good break and the painting’s almost done.

On a serious Calexico kick, btw.

gotta go — spasms are rough — must rest — too many commercials really to watch the promenade for the Oscars, etc. much less sit up? sooo … Enjoie!

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