Vietnam Jungle V Finitti


After much tweaking and twisting and twirling of three brushes, yesterday and today, she is finitti! Back and forth with depth and light … 🙂

Today however not a very long blog, okay? for I have a massive migraine …

I did forget to tell you that I have a new short story up, which a friend just said was Kafkaesque and like Cortazar in its humor. Well, that’s exactly what I was going for, without even telling him. Yay! Ooops, I’ve told you! Just click on Rare Bird at the link below … if you dare …

Also, I failed to mention the foundation in Germany I think that saved about ten or so cows from doom. They were no longer producing milk and were going to be put down, and apparently had not been out of the barn in some good time, for as they had been saved, were released into the field? were literally kicking up their hind legs and JUMPING for joy into it … it made me ever so happy to have decided again to be vegetarian.

That being said? I think the lack of potassium has caused the spasms, in addition to the massive amount of Topimirate that I take for migraines, which reduces my amount of potassium. So I’ve been drinking Emergen-C’s and eating bananas and almond butter that we already have in house, and Jason is getting me some potassium supplement on the morrow. Now, can you believe that? Gah! V-8 is supposed to be good, too.

Meanwhile, the headache. GArrrrhhhh. Got to not be sitting in the direct Sun writing right about now while it is killing me … arrrrrr!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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