Vietnam Jungle VI – IV


DSC_5108Wha’ppen? There is now a sandy river delta floor there … what? That took SOME doing, I must say … many layers of many yellows, gray and white, plus acrylic glazing liquid … and some kvetching about a new style of painting in thick layers, sometimes even WITHOUT MY GLASSES ON! yipes!

I decided to go lyrical to a certain extent toward the end, and am glad that I did …

This morningish we recorded a lead vocal and two harmonies for Our Little Town by Greg Brown for Jason’s Henry Clay Henry Foundation, and Jason says the mix will be ready for mp3-age tomorrow … stay TUNED for was was an emotional song to sing, as I said

then to cleanse the air, and boy did it — the Gypsy Kings —

now Calexico


my back has been spazzing today and the left lower side is cricked, so yoga is next, now that I’ve gotten the painting where I want it for the day — any more on the painting before it dries, and the lyrical strokes would be lost

Isabella Isabella

still largely with the … GIRL up, I have a name for her but it would be unfortunate and shocking for you … so many girls, eh? feisty girl? how about that, she is downrated in the nicest way from (slap) girl today and we are liking this very much. Not completely mind you but she freezes before she (thinks) it and the word (freezes) in her mind before it actuates. Progress. She feels rage at that moment, and OOOPS. Gah, we all say back and shivering to warmth and shame. Gah.

Rage then doesn’t seem appropriate anymore, so as not to judge, so she doesn’t take it the wrong way, right? For us to feel rage would make her feel like we were mad at her and we  can’t switch back fast enough to what she was feeling, so the rage she was feeling momentarily is lost.


There is another GIRL who comes up and is the saddest thing. Doesn’t ask for a thing, just to be near and … well, that is all. Biggest, saddest, eyes and quietest thing. Numbs out a lot, spaces out a lot. Knows Rag Doll very well but is not Rag Doll, who is much much older. The two GIRLS are the same age.

tonight it’s supposed to snow but I’m determined to go to pt tomorrow, right? I figure the Germantown area can handle the 3-6 inches we are supposed to get, surely … that is my fondest hope, anyway … I need the adjustment and advice and/or workout with guidance again because I want to get back on TRACK

so frustrating to have your SPINE go out on you, really, heh

rest time

meditation time

music time

how I love the light streaming through the blinds on the windows and the little dreamcatcher there on the left … how many times has it caught my thoughts even for just a little bit and reminded me of a simplicity and mysticism … and a graceful blessedness

and on the other side, the glowing now bronzed tin Sun clipped out and pierced by a Haitian artist, grinning in the nicest way, and always shining, day or night, on the wall between the closet and the restroom

so to rest I am with such fortunate views … hee


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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