Vietnam Jungle VI – VI

DSC_5111Here I’ve greatly simplified the foreground, and tried to take it from a desert landscape back to a delta one. 

I added the last for now of the Naples Yellow. Tomorrow a quick jot to Michael’s and I’ll hopefully find a tube of more. 

I didn’t have a plan, but did this intuitively, which might as well be blindly. I got up close to the canvas and felt the new flow. I built it up with thick layers of creamy yellow whites and darker brighter yellows and shaped it, moved it. Around. 

Stepped back and thought about it, letting the peripheries of my eyes speak to me, for balance’s sake. 

I added gray, and white. At one point I barely tipped the canvas and then smudged it with a finger for the tiniest bit of depth. 

I went lyrical in some sections, then painted right back over it, making larger simpler sections instead.

Today my eyes had fallen, just on the spine of a book of a show on abstracts by O’Keeffe. I had flashed on what was inside. Yum. Maybe that influenced my painting today? Who can say?

Right before the photo, I took out a bit of too much mechanical, biological detail in the foreground, for more creamy yellow SPACE.


Chipper’s now being run to the bed with a handful of crunchies. I’m running late today?

I had so wanted to muse about the new meditations, literally, on the new book, Meditation for the LOVE of It.

There is so much to say. I cannot recommend this book enough, I’m learning and affirming so much, so much I didn’t even know I knew and/or needed to learn.

Gold’s Gym today went well, back spasm now, pt tomorrow in finale.

So, the book … I’ve Facebooked, and will put that quote here from yesterday … 

My meditation book by Sally Kempton came today … … … To be in a constant state of awareness of what is “juicy and delicious” about the flow of life, but having the balanced perspective of the observer simultaneously, nonjudgmental and compassionate … That reality itself is divine … Reality being consciousness … And that a goal with super intense feelings like anger and fear are to get beneath them, to their roots, stay with them, ride and breathe them out, as well as work through their energy creatively …

Now for my reality to be divine, with all of its mix of blessings and tragedy … I really have to work, but then isn’t the world a mix? dark and light? I seem to remember that was another point that (huge point, actually) that drew me to Buddhism, was that overwhelming perspective that someone/the world/universe/soul could be whole/perfect/dark/light/good/bad — all at once and okay

I mean okay 

Peace out

If you really can fathom that when you are churning from a lot of truth about the world and yourself, reeling, actually — then Buddhist perspectives on perfection/imperfection can be calming and mind-blowing all at the once


The book is kind of like that … I read the first paragraph and was stunned. 

I read more for an hour in a cafe yesterday and fairly blissed out in a studious spiritual sort of way that needed to happen. Independent study rocks. Journeys/quests rock.

Well, more on this, to come. I’m still rather quiet and sad, introspective and tender, but the spark is growing. 

Tomorrow, no matter what else happens, is the SPRING Equinox. Don’t forget to celebrate somehow. Whee! World’s still turning.



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