Skirts and Adjustments

DSC_5113First, the fun news. For the cost of one online skirt from an unnamed producer, of a beachy linen maxi skirt which was TO DIE FOR, plus shipping, mind you, … I went to the fabric store a month or so ago, and to another unnamed place, and had three maxi skirts made, which after trying them on, are sweet, luminous and the spotted one, HEAVEN, to wear.


The luminous one especially is for very hot days in the Summer, when I crave something sensual and gauzy with the sparkly flip flops, yes. And there you are.

I’m quite beside myself, really, with excitement, for the seasons of warmth and heat to arrive, and to wear them. Yum.

Meanwhile, before that, I was finally at pt.

Ahem. For a long time. Being adjusted almost exclusively, by not one but two physical therapist before it was over, because somehow it turns out I had … frozen in forward flexion to the facet joints of my spine? I know only what I heard them say to each other discussing me and how to get me out of it … it was quite excruciating being adjusted, and I’m quite sore now … and I’m in for physical therapy for another FOUR weeks, damn me … yes.

With light exercise, although gym machines are approved. ARgh.

My therapeutic yoga teacher needs surgery on her foot so I just said get better see you when you’re all better.

So there’s my great Yoga for Injuries class coming up on April 13 and I do so hope to do more than resting and restorative poses for that, so I’m hoping to be in more than maintenance mode between now and then, you know? My hope is to … get unsore and back into some beyond light exercise and to the gym at least once a week, instead of the twice I’d hoped for. Bah.

I’m excited about the ArtDC WeTweetArt V2.0 Art Reception on Saturday night because it should be a fun time and I’ve been tweeting about it as is the tasks of participating artists, each day this week. I’ve had two retweets so far. πŸ™‚ Sweet. πŸ™‚ Thanks! #amyjacksoncc

I decided to wear what I call my Kiwi sleeveless dress, which is actually a Summer dress that I haven’t worn before? because it will pop well for Twitter. Ha. Silly and it’s kind of a tribal print. I’m so psyched, you know black long-sleeved tee underneath, black tights, the kicky buckle Borns and the motorcycle jacket. Well now you’re in the know about how far ahead I plan for parties. πŸ˜›

very silly …

time for sleepies and hopefully less sore tomorrow — have a grant application due and counseling

the heart meditations are the focus in the new book and of course, hard, painful, but much-needed journey, great guidance in the book — yay! will take the time …

Okay, time to rest.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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