Vietnam Jungle VI – VIII

DSC_5122So close to being finished here, but very scared to touch it right now.

It is such a lovely day outside. Truly. Spring seems to have come finally. The sky is super blue and the sweaters and hoodies are coming off. I just took out the recycling and the old kneeling chair I’ve had since? 2006?

Just back from physical therapy and she said I could use my electric blue exercise ball instead so here I am! core-engaged as we speak. Yes.

And progress happens.

I’m feeling somewhat less congested today although still very sick, but what can you do? But go forward into each day …

I sent out my email update this morning for April right on time for the first time in months, largely because of the Shades of Spring Show for The Art League of Germantown at BlackRock Center for The Arts that runs from tomorrow through Sunday. Had to get that posted right quickly.

Reading in the new book about how your Self, the one you’re born and die with, not your Ego, is your divinity, your Love self, and you can tap into it at any time … what a blessing, because I’ve been so super irritable with this illness lately. I have to start over and over again all the time. I have to stay with myself and realize that I am still deserving of love.

I will check in with the Self/Divine only to have the flashbacks, right? but I’m determined to retune, to refind my bliss points. It’s going to stick at some time. I’m a practice … I’m a get well in time. Like Spring came, I’m a get better in time.


All things in due time. Like the spasms in my back went away. They did by the way, without me really noticing. All this rest from the virus, I guess, that did it. A blessing in disguise. One thing in, another out. Hey. Weirder things have happened. What a way to go, back spasms. Eff you.

I shouldn’t curse them. I curse the virus, right? Something else may come.


Spring came, though.

I’m happy enough for that.

So tomorrow I am heavy duty on the art reception from 3-7:30 pm — ! I’m trying to figure out what to wear.

Oh, and get this. I picked some neon flamingo pink nail color for my toes without realizing in my virus stupor? and now I’m having to live with that for a month, right? maybe. We’ll see. At least until tomorrow. It’s kind of cool, but not very SUBTLE, or ME. really. Not sure what happened there, AT ALL. Oh my. It’s really kind of funny and super cute at the same time. I’m going to do my best to rock it tomorrow night. Ha. I’m laughing at me right now and hope you are too. At the most, I would have done some orange, eh?


Well, that’s all I’ve got. The meditation is going super well, I’m happy to report. Take care, and Happy Spring! 🙂


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