Vietnam Jungle VII – Sketch


Here is the amazing foto someone amazing took of the Vietnamese jungle. This foto in particular scares the living daylights out of me. I imagine the soldiers on both sides of the conflict, or anyone walking just along the path on the way home during the day or night, wondering what the hell in in the grasses there. Snake? I don’t know what lives and is in there at the momento. Eep?

Then there is the darkness of the jungle to the left. Whacked out it is. Imagine if it was on fire. Okay. I’m there, or smoke coming from in there, or jungle sounds, right? or voices in any language.

Now, the rusty jungle foliage in the foreground. This shot is just amazing.

I chose this one as an integral, mid-series piece for all those very reasons, because it scares me and moves me so.

It’s that very fear of Nature that makes us want to burn it down. But we should not, eh? We should instead take our wits about us, take our best gear and our bearings (GPS, these days, right?) and either a) stay the hell away from it out of dear respect and preserve it, and/or b) go in her with dear respect and wonder/awe and great caution/bravery.


Oh yes, and how like the darkness of our very souls as we face sleep. Or me, anyway. Having the nightmares and such as I do. Or do you? Or are we in denial? Do we repress, cut down the wildness of ourselves out of fear? I do wonder at our Civilization. I do, indeed, and my artist statement speaks to seeking out the Wilde.

So it was with great excitement/trepidation and LOVE that I opened a new canvas today for the sketch. I set up on the exercise ball (bounce) by the computer and pulled out both the sienna pencil and tiny bit left of charcoal. (I will at some point get a new one, right? ha)

Here is my sketch, without grass in the foreground, which will be layers and brushstrokes, not sketched:

DSC_5125It came out better than I could have hoped, with a Pop sensibility, and a trueness to the foto as well. A good guide for the layers to paint/come.

I started with a midline, a funky one at that, and it all flowed quickly from there. Amazingly and somehow.

It may be hard to see what all is in there, but there is a lot of fun, that is for sure.

There is fresh pasta to eat, I’ve just learned, so I don’t have much time to relate anything else, dears. Sorry about that.

I hope to paint a bit today, because tomorrow will be two art pickups (!) (two shows down!) and an art reception, and Monday is another show down and a walk with a friend in the Spring day with Chipper! so I want to get a little painting done today.

However, a bit of a back crick on the lower left, and I am feeling the cold, right? So, I need to rest. Bah.

Feeling somewhat clearer today or I wouldn’t have been up to the sketch, so that’s great news.

However, last night and today, feeling so very tired, which oddly enough, is a first for this cold. I’ve had tons of energy but have had so much congestion at the same time. Last night and today my body has just felt whooped. Poor dear fighting the cold this long.

We got four fresh herb plants at Whole Foods today and those will need to be planted as well. The new year’s gardening has begun! Yay! Rosemary, Sage, Thyme and Oregano — but of course, for the long zinc planter next to the sliding glass.

Well, must go, really. Enjoy the daye!



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