Garden Steps


DSC_5147Today we officially started the year’s garden. Yay! Above are eight culinary herb plants next to the sliding glass window, from where I can snip for cooking … yum! Two oreganos, two thymes, a sage, and a rosemary were happily tucked into the zinc long container. It is so nice to put on the jean shorts, a white tee, go barefoot, although such a tenderfoot from walking with flip flops anew for the year again, and get into the soil. Mother Earth is so receptive for the fresh roots, and I water them quickly, since I can almost feel their pain next to the oh so dry soil I’m putting them up next to, right? Well, I tend to think that way, and they seem to like being watered straight off after planting.

DSC_5146This is the hanging planter, this year with mini climbing ivy, and black and lime sweet potato vine. YUM!


In front of the long zinc herb container are to the left, a dashing damsel of a caladium, yes? Whoa! who loves her whole container to herself, thank you, waiting to be mulched up tomorrow, like everyone else. Next to her, to her right, are two painted geraniums, one a spotted frog-like green and geometric one, and the other a dainty silvery one. In front of those is a spot of what will be flowing bright orange, burnt red-throated petunias. At the Potomac Garden Center in Gaithersburg, MD, which I recommend for great plant value and selection and gifts, I decided to go with kind of a tropical punch color theme, rather randomly. It’s kind of wild, but pink is the deepest pattern play.

DSC_5144Above you can see the garden in progress. The hosta is coming back in the middle square, is white-striped foliage fun, and blooms like white nicotania in late Summer. Ahhh. And comes back every year. Above that is a blue petunia with its own pot to fill and flow in and up, and to its left, the golden circular container, those are black petunias, oh so velvety, in their own pot, with the most delicate white centers, just like Georgia O’Keeffe.

DSC_5143You can kind of tell that in the frontmost long zinc container, now in the shade, which our garden truly is, a shade to part-shade garden, that I’ve planted two tall French lavenders in the middle, and to either side, pinky salmon rose geraniums. They are so pretty in person, and I hope the Sun isn’t too bright for them, that they thrive and continue to bloom, etc. We shall see, eh?

Today we had to go to Victoria’s Secret for maintenance stuff. It happens that by necessity one must go, and with pleasure. Yay, and with a budget.

Then to the plant nursery, then to a new Italian market we found for imported grated cheeses and ravioli, then to Whole Foods for more of my trail mix which has been helping me so (my appetite? what?) and varied and sundry needs there.

I had one of the maxi skirts on, the splash black dot on cream, with a long sleeved black tee and felt very nice, but one can’t go about gardening in one’s nice things, so switched to country girl, right? eeeeeeh

I like them both. Very much.

So now to put on sleepy pants and head into the meditation and relaxation zone.

I did paint one green frond in the painting yesterday and like it very much, but didn’t feel moved to blog, although lots always is happening. You know.

Sometimes I feel the need to just … internalize, be still and percolate, see what rises to the top, not just spout off the top of my head … not always wise.

Yesterday while I was resting it was like, while I was watching the Sunlight through the blinds, the new dapplings of leaf and Tulip tree buds unfolding there and how the shadows are changing every day to what will be shade in the Summer. What has been bare beautiful reaching branches all Winter, but still, it’s all beautiful. Just watching this and the wind through it flashing about at the same rate that the music pulses from Radio Paradise in the studio a room away, about the same rate as my heart beats, about the same rate the flashbacks come in spite of whatever … just come … while I watch them lapping at me from down inside me and at me across the bed kind of like the shadows an the light and the music — it was like some kind of beach there and I was able to observe and rest

and kind of laugh at it

in an odd Buddhist (right?) sort of way

and not laugh and laugh again and not back and forth in a new kind of wave

if you know what I mean

there are all kinds of patterns and rhythms to life I’m learning

when you stand back and look

and when you are in the middle and feel


stepping back even is hard to feel it thataway


so I’m off to bed to feel the waves and not

to meditate and sleep waves — sleep well you all or play — do what you do on Saturdays this time! 🙂 Namaste!


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