Vietnam Jungle VII – V

DSC_5152I had to go there, to begin the  grassy area somehow, and with trepidation, and unsure as to how to really do this one, I did. I created two new lime mixes, not satisfied with the first, and ended up adding Sap Green and Chromium Green to the final canvas.

Well, I shouldn’t say final, because there is much more to be done. This is just the first several layers, the ground work of color, depth, some light and beginnings of lyricism and movement. But you see where I’m headed. This will be a many-layered beast. With much time for drying. Harumph. It was definitely too lime, before I added the Chromium Green, which added a lot of apple to it.

I used horizontal, vertical, diagonal and lyrical strokes. Sheer and thick painting. I’m all over the place and I feel very much like a painter. Because I think I am. I am I am. Ha. I’m in a good place as a painter.

Yesterday was hard because I had to fast for a blood test and had the blood test and then pt. It was also rainy and windy. In preparation for today’s cold. Harumph. Hmm.

Although today I’m very Zen and cool about things as they come for the first time in many a time. So I’m thankful.

Reading in Meditation for the Love of It about how you can be an ocean of space in the midst of space, and this was not a foreign feeling. About checking in with yourself/Self and this was not foreign and none of the descriptions fit mine.

Mine was more like that ocean of waves of flashbacks and feelings and spaces, patterns. Heartbeat is one to think about but that one freaks me out a bit. Hurts. Hmm. Still will be working on that one.

Lovely lovely flowers still and flowering trees outside just amazing me. And Chipper too, I think. We have the garden mostly inside. Lovely, in its own way to have them safe indoors.

Spring will not be stayed.

Tomorrow and the next day, and the next. It will be Spring. So THERE.

I shall wear shorts and skirts and be bare skinned again. Yes, I shall.

It is so strange to be in so many layers and even an ivory muffler today. Pockets for hands. But I’m watching the blossoms and lime green curlicues from the charcoal tips of bare tree limbs with great interest. Yes I am.

Saw the spine surgeon today and it was the final one unless something unforeseen happens to either the neck or the lower back fusions. He is my hero and he humbly says always this is only his pleasure and ducks out. What a dear.

Nothing short of a miracle, and almost to the day last year I had the back surgery. Yow.

Who would’ve thought he could have done that?

Hey, so save the date, should you be able to join us!

OPEN HOUSE, August 16th, noon to 6 pm, 12912 Falling Water Circle, #102, Germantown, MD 20874.

Flash sale, original paintings and photographs 25-50% off one day only. Food and drink!

So that’s exciting! I’m going to have some art show like cards made at Modern Postcard and send them out after a while closer to …

well, time to do some yoga and then rest

It’s a lovely sunny day and almost four pm so it will be a good long time to meditate and fill with peace, I hope, let my bones and such settle out/down …



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