Vietnam Jungle VII – VI

DSC_5157Here first is a fun passport and “alien” in a coffee cup of sorts foto which I for one feel when I travel, scooped up as I am from my comfy home environs and shipped off somewhere foreigns to another country or such … as it were … when I travel abroad … thinking of the trip to Paris in October. Yes. It is happening. Oui Oui. Photos to come, oui?


Here is the painting with preliminary thinking jetting jettisoned triangles forethinking anlyzing angles for the foreshadowing of the growth of grasses there int he painting forthwith …

yes …

it doth taketh the time to growe …


so you will see there the preliminary angles in Chromium Green. Alas.

and rather … placed rather …

well here forthwithe I will forthwithdst admit I’ve had a hot toddy administered by the now asleepst Jason.


And I painted.




Not capable of much more typing alas, and ha ha very funny but …

We took Chipper for his vet appointment poor dear this morning and he’s still a bit tender. Sleeping as well on the chaise lounge in the Sun among the Spring plants all safe.

As should I.


Met Linda dear friend since 2003 in apartment complex adjacent this morning on walkies and she is still sick. We talked for a time and recommended a hot toddy for a laugh and that’s how all this started. She agreed and whoo boy.

Well. It’s only Thursday and who said something about drinking hard on the holidays? Damned shame, it is. Damned fun, as well. Bloody Irish? Whatever. Back to bed. Maybe the cold will finally go to hell. And Spring come. Cheers to Summer. Beach. Ahhh. To see the beach. Waves. mmm. In my dreams. Sand. Salt.


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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