Vietnam Jungle VII – VIII





I achieved Winter to Spring skirt changeover today. I am overly blessed with a) clothes and b) walk in closet. See above, wool pencils, mini’s and various to the right are oh so special not to be forgotten blouses that always stay there. Silks.


Now see above the expanse of options, again I am blessed and look very much forward to swishing and swaying and interacting with Spring and Summer winds don’t you know, of warm weather, much lighter pencil, mini and maxi skirts. Oh my. What a silly silly girl am I? What occasions am I dressing for? Life itself, dear. Life itself is grand enough for all of these, don’t you know.

I then set to a) hanging up a very large light colored load of laundry that had since dried and b) setting another one to washing and c) now it’s hanging up to dry nicely in the doorframe to the studio. Again I am blessed with clothes and the ability to wash and dry them at will. Blessed be. That is my mantra today, and a damned good one, if you ask me.

DSC_5165Now here, you prolly can just barely if that, tell, that the sky is just that much warmer. It is the palest blue, don’t you know, matching the original foto. It is such a delicate, eggshell blue, that I wince painting it, thinking of how even in war, the sky could be such a  sweet porcelain hue. How very sad.

See I would never make it as any sort of soldier, only as some sort of war poet correspondent about the damned waste of it all. And who wants that? Well, I do. And many others. Well, who wants war, although sometimes you have to stop Nazis and such. I mean, really.

You can’t put up with just everything and anything. All the time, there have to be rules, lines, boundaries in the world. International Rule of Laws, Human Rights, etcetera. Silly me.

So I’d be sitting there, as I was as a little flower child, as I am in this painting, lamenting the relative beauty of the sky.

One could say that any given day. I suppose. There’s always a war on, somewhere.

Having studied International Relations, or thus and such, International History, isn’t there always a war going on in someone’s heart over something? How do we address universal history? Peace.

Forgive the debts. That’s a start. Micro finance.

I digress.

Beautiful Sun in through the blinds, and time I rested up for tomorrow, Easter over at Jason’s family’s home, Yay! Such a loving time, I do look forward to it.

He’s made a special shrimp pasta for me to take with, so I’ll be sure to be able to feast along with them, although there will surely be veggies and desserts abounding there for me, since I’m a vegetarian. Sweetness all ’round.

I love Easter, actually. I love celebrating Nature, the rebirth of the Earth as it were. And Summer coming.

🙂 Here’s a little more Summer love, right back at ya, a love poem from me to Summer from back when I lived in Nashville. I collected Latin plant names for years, meticulously getting them spelled right, and wrote poetry around them, twice, then recorded the spoken words with Jason, twice, with cicadas, and music … well, it’s a celebration, for sure … good to meditate to, and free! that magic word —



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