Vietnam Jungle VII – IX

DSC_5172Here, yesterday morning and just now, I’ve added depth and interest to the middle right side of the painting, as well as carried the rusty dying foliage color here and there throughout the piece. Jungle foliage death happens, as I learned in Puerto Rico especially, and it is thoroughly funky and lovely in its patterns and colors.

To the middle right, I added Mars Black edged with the brightest lime, and edgy it is. Yay. Some of the wildest painting in the work. Yay, again. Wish you could really see it.

Easter was lovely, but sad, because two dear souls couldn’t attend, Cathy, Jason’s sister, and her dog, Roxy, who is quite ill and had to be attended with great care at home. Roxy is a Boxer and is getting to be an older lady. Aren’t we all? Hee. Anyway. She has sprained a back knee and among various and sundry ailments is not well. However, today she was able to walk again and in less pain, back at Jason’s Mom’s home for her daily care, while Cathy is able to be at work again, thank goodness.

Other than that sadness, it was a lovely feast and celebration.

My back is stiff from travelling, and as luck would have it, I’m on my second cycle in a month, so rested this morning to a deep sleep.

Then walked with my friend Lourdes from upstairs at Gunner’s Lake, the full route, !, and back to rest again, then cook our dinner for the week, with Jason having done the prep.

DSC_5166Pasta Primavera: First, in a large pot, olive oil, a SUBSTANTIAL amount of crushed garlic, and a small chopped white onion, a 1/4 teaspoon each of black pepper and salt, until the onion is transparent.

DSC_5167Then saute Summer Squash and Zucchini until tender, or to your liking.

DSC_5168Add two large cans, in this case of San Marzano whole tomatoes. Yum.

DSC_5169Put two boxes of spaghettini pasta on to boil. Water, with olive oil, salt and pepper to boil, then cook the pasta, while the sauce is simmering on medium with the lid on. You can be chiffonading the basil above to wait ! until the last minute to add while waiting for the water to boil, etc. Wait.

DSC_5170Which means, pull all the leaves off the stems, one by one, and then place them one on top the other in your left hand in a humongous pile o basil leaves. Then place on the counter, holding with your left hand, slicing with the knife in your right, minding the fingertips, eh? Yes. Et voila.

DSC_5171Now, the pasta is done, drain out the water, in this case with a trusty French sieve, then dump into the sauce, add basil, and carefully fold together. Add grated cheeses to melt and fold. Serve with grated cheese and nap.



So that’s done.

Hope you like.

Flannery’s The Complete Short Stories was obtained at the post office along with an errant striped maxi skirt, by surprise it was there with the skirt, even. Thick the book is, at an inch and a half, with three peacock feathers on the face. So excited.

The heart meditation goes well, but when I’m not well physically or a MAJOR holiday comes up, well, bumpy roads. Lot of flashbacks yesterday and today.

Tomorrow is a very special online meditation seminar that is free, signed up for it, and hope not to miss it somehow. 🙂 Thirty wise people on meditation, led by Sally Kempton, who wrote this book on meditation I’m reading slowly at the moment. Amazing.

I somehow thought I was fat? Right? and today realized in fact I am not. Funny that. And the walk was ever so helpful. Just tired I guess and a bit out of shape in a few key places but not bad at all, really. So grateful, it being Spring. Summer bathing suit season soon. Hopefully these walkies will help and feeling better in a few days back into the yoga groove, and more.

The weather is warmer again and time for the bare feet again. How I love losing the socks, although they are so comforting. There’s nothing like the freedom of the bare toes. I like both, and can hardly believe we’ve (pinch me) made it to the warmer climes.

Leaves are forthrightedly popping out in the most extraordinarily vivacious and vivid shades of green, everywhere. It’s incredibly magical, that yes, they’ve been there all along, and soon we’ll be taking them for granted again. Well, some of us.

I cannot tell you how much I study the trees everywhere I go, every chance I get, especially as the passenger in cars. Yesterday was such a treat along the beloved George Washington Parkway. Such old growth and delicately, or boldly, reaching trees along there, all the way. And dogwoods! Redbuds, which of course are bright intense purple!

Chipper has gone to bed just this second and I don’t want to interrupt the delicate cycle which is the bedtime routine for him, right? So I’ll close for now. Namaste and sweet dreams …








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