Checking in …

DSC_5173Today I have accomplished very little and have yet a meeting at 7 pm to attend. I’m resting and resting up, don’t you know, for that. I did, however, have to get a nail polish change from the neon flamingo pink because with the recent socks wearage I had nail chippage and the combination would not DO. Tacky. Very. So this is much more tame and pared down, as it were. Ahh. Yes, I’m no longer screaming POP at anyone from down there, STATEMENT NAILS, alas, no longer and I’m quite thrilled about that.


So I did that and got some much-needed Pamprin at Safeway. Then my last free Starbucks, a cinnamon dolce latte, and sipped that while reading onward with Meditation for the Love of It. Yes. And apparently the mind needs not only a good seat but a THRONE. Mind you, for it is consciousness (and great thoughts and leaping bounds of imagination and she suggests keeping a notepad beside one at all times, even while meditating) itself. Self. OH, sorry not to confuse. Ha. For the Self is the Observer Mind, which does not THINK thoughts, simple observes. And she describes how one develops such a thing, and I realized that I have developed one over the years …

Lo, and it has come to pass …

So that is coolness

but as I meditate and think good thoughts and send lovingkindness out



and another alter

UP and not really competing but




and analysis … observation of sorts

so I’ve been at this rather exhausting mentally and anguishing emotionally processing

while cramping and resting and feeling a bit

locked in caged in trapped in the body as it were

trapped in the process as it were

and trying like HELL ha not to feel that way

but to feel BLESSED instead

you know ME


so even that is a process going on

it is a good day

after all

but I’m back at the

“resting” now

for I doth curl with serious cramping, yes I do, of all sorts

but I am blessed that ’tis not worse, eh?

and ’tis Spring alas! YES! 🙂


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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