Vietnam Jungle VII Finitti


Here is the finished version of the painting … today I am not quite remembering what I did to complete her … I know I strengthened the red branches and added lime and black here and there, rather mysteriously if you must know, but who could remember that?


Today we did home recording with Karl Straub for the morning into the afternoon hours, with Chipper’s collar off and the strangest ghost he is appearing here and there with only the faintest of awarenesses and movements to make himself known, don’t you know. He mostly kept close to Jason and Karl, as the music and the gathering feel tends to make him feel den-like and calm/sleepy, but he did visit me once in the doorway of the studio, only to disappear again once I’d reached a very quick stopping place to pet him. What?

Got a great one take track of guitar for a base recording to which to add drums and perhaps dobro … drums and vocals on Saturday we are hoping. Drums for sure but vocals pending Ms. Frogginess still just a bit and I cannot STAND this in my voice. So neti pot and SudaFed (and the dreadedest sinus headache all day today notwithstanding!) ahem all attending to that situation … all this recording I must say is for the BEES! Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros’ song Johnny Appleseed, which is about the Soul and so much more, really, and truly an amazing song. So humbled to even attempt it … and the local pollinators we hope will be ultimately benefitting. πŸ™‚ More on that this Summer!

Also sent the short story Rare Bird (speaking of endangered themes) off to a prose contest just now as well. On a whim. And twenty dollars. You have to have guts and cash to get out there, you know. Whew.

Will enter another two national photography contests very soon, one at forty dollars! Whoa! wish me luck! It adds up!

The weather today, well I was more prepared, and it was more moderate, less windy and the convergence of all of that was a lovely long walk. We ran into my friend Linda, who walked with us slowly and chatted, which was ever so nice, because she is self employed and works so hard to pay her taxes until June, really, that we never have time to get together. So that was a thrill.

Today I’m basically wearing my pajamas, but do I care? Pink and white striped pajama pants, a thick pink stripe like an awning, a beach, yes, white tee and white baby cable wool cardi. I’m set, oh, and the snow cashmere shawl that warmed my hands so during walkies.


Teva flip flops and my feet weren’t too cold even, today.

The Sun is so nice on the keyboard just now, and the sparkly bracelets, on the left arm, the pink and the white, throwing rainbows, this, that. πŸ™‚

Well, I did put my back out somewhat today after the painting was done. I had to immediately do a yoga fix and it is somewhat better because of it, but I don’t want to push it.

I almost thought how nice it would be to use the last of April, and I know I could knock it out, to get those 5,000 words remembered and rewritten in The Front Porch. You know the ones I somehow lost in December with the computer drive losses? Agh. Well, I might just make that happen. How great would it be to start off May with that being done? Hmmmm. C’mon, Amy.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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