Vietnam Jungle VIII – I




feet first I am pink paisley maxed out today and loving all that bright color … flowing yes … and a pink 3/4 sleeve cotton cardi because or ’cause it’s still chilly just enough — the wind was so warm it was beachy at five pm …



Above is the palette/scene from the studio — note my lovely light through the blinds, and my wavy leaf shadows from the Tulip tree outside — so amazing this afternoon — so graceful and expressive — lime leaves as I look up at them now, shivering but they’re not cold, they’re excited, right? delighted in the Sun? how could they not be — there is my palette set for this painting sans the greens for the background which are actually in the other box palette still for synching across paintings — if I’m lucky and they stay wet — I sprayed them well yeste

rday or so — so if you can see, this is regularly my sky painting palette to the half right — and to the half left, white, black two dark greens for stems, black stems are going to be lovely and sexy yes? and lots of acrylic glazing liquid for mixing and thinning in the expanse between, then above are my reds and iron oxide yum, with too much white really i got a bit wild when squeezing that — DSC_5183Now here is where I am stopping for the night, with some of the as I go mixes of reds and pinks. The far right tip is actually a deep pink mix with white and all the reds and red oxide. The next left sharp red tip is bright two reds only and is quite sexy and lush. Precise! All of it. Now I intend to be a bit messy underneath, so watch out. Hee.



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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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