Vietnam Jungle VIII – Sketch

DSC_5179Don’t know if you can see it, but here is my preliminary sketch of the tropical flower and the background, this time done more in detail with the sienna pencil. That tiny piece of charcoal just wasn’t going to cut it today, too chunky for the delicate, though jungle, flowers. I really do need to get a new charcoal, heh. What’s stopping me? Nada. Just keep forgetting.

Need to rest now, a bit shaky. It’s been an adrenaline-filled day already, with Bart Adams here and me drafting an open air, not recorded or mic’d vocal for our recording of drums for the Johnny Appleseed cover of Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Lord Bless ’em. I’m quite gruff sounding today on the vocal, and humbled to do it in the first place. I want to be true to the song and its intent, but it’s hard for me to get enough volume at that low an alto, right? I mean, it’s Martin Luther King and BEES and the SOUL we’re talking about here. I gotta get it right. I’m thinking I’ll pull back a bit on the volume and modulate but will speak some of the lyrics instead of sing in places, kind of like Mr. Strummer does. Joe, if you will allow me that. I admire him so. He would hate the formality, but I do bow.

So maybe a vocal later today. The guitar is awesome and does not hold back and ditto the drums. So. I’m on it.

I’m also enjoying tweeting from Summer Thicket. I’d quite forgotten what I’d written and it inspires me to enjoy the coming season and to write more. Ahem.

And to paint.

Yesterday it was to hard to rest, I wanted to be up doing things so much. So many things, don’t you know. I’m a fireball of ideas, but am quite limited and need to manage myself accordingly, prioritize. Bah, she says, the fireball inside me. Bah, back to you, we need to rest the body and tender mind. Drink the daily pot of sleepytime tea, for it is healing me.

Still congested and running through all of that, now with allergies, which is normal and I really don’t complain, for I love the season and flowers so. But it is thick with pollen in me now. It’s worth it.

Emotionally I have mysterious joy today. I was bopping up and down to the guitar strumming Karl did to help get Bart and me in the mood and it did help … it was real. Magic. I love that.

Walking Chipper today was glorious. He is getting older though, folks, and threw a tantrum game of eating grass wildly instead of walking at one point. See, now usually he eats grass in a tantrum and gaks forthwith, only when we stop to talk with someone and it does take some short leashing and talking to time to make this behavior discontinue. Sigh.

Today I think he was rebelling against time itself.

I can understand. He is getting older and achier.

Yesterday afternoon it was warmer and lovely, but rained lightly on the beautiful cherry blossoms that grace us in the courtyard. I took him out as scheduled at two pm and he stopped and looked up at me in the breezeway. A kind of stop and smell the roses, Mommy, moment. I got it. He gets that he is aging. I get it.

So I think that’s where the tantrum came from. I don’t get mad, I just deal with him in a calm and firm way and keep him on a center path until he’s semi-forgotten about eating grass wildly. It works and we get back to walking reguarly.

I know about mortality, babe. I say to Chipper. I say to you. Since I was a kid, really. But especially now. Every breath. Every moment. I don’t take much for granted. I am blessed. Anything could happen at any time, I guess, and it’s a wonder to me since 9/11 that the buildings themselves are still standing, that’s my take. Sorry if that offends, but that’s my PTSD take on that.

It’s all beautiful and magical droplets of wonder, ha. Just breathing it in as I can and steering where possible. So that’s some perspective change for me lately, eh? You can thank meditation.

Hey, I was also thinking how little I like television, but how much relatively I ADORE music. Especially radio. Radio Paradise dot com. You guys, check it out. I’m such a fan.

I think music, wait, good music, has such a way of reaching me in all my itty dark corners that is so good for my soul. I’m most appreciative.

TV had potential and some channels rock. But I get super uber impatient way too fast. Bah. Bah, I say. Movies, though, I’m less impatient. But must they turn so violent so quickly on me? Gah. I have to be super careful because I have NO boundaries when it comes to anything. Anymore. Really. I’m in.


So to rest me and well, looks at clock. Actually it’s time, looks over shoulder and sure enough, Chipper is watching me in the hall from the bedroom doorway. Time for walkies. That’s actually a glorious thing. Talk at you soon. 🙂 Happy Day!




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