Vietnam Jungle VIII – III


DSC_5188Today I first created a paler pink and painted in the far right two petals, then a dip into the middle area, for starters.

Then a paler yellow, then the bright yellow points and tips! What fun! To paint in yellow, what a joy!

Today I created the front and back of the Flash Sale cards and sent them off to Modern Postcard. Should have them by next week. I also did a flyer and posted to my main website page. 🙂 It will be nice, I hope to have folks over and to have more art go to good homes, eh? Yes!

I also did some thank you notes, and faxed off a donation form for the two pieces that showed at the Howard County Conservancy Art of Stewardship Show? I decided to donate those two paintings: Restorf Island (Papua, New Guinea) and Philippine Lagoon, to the Conservancy for their upcoming Silent Auction on May 28th. Yay! They felt so at home there, I’m glad they are going to to good cause.

So it’s been a very productive day. These are things I was begging myself to do on Friday and Saturday, but rested instead, so it felt GREAT to get them accomplished. Sigh of relief.

Tomorrow is the other thing, to apply for a NYC contest with industrial fotos. Yay.

Last night’s reading did take time to accomplish, to get ready for bed first, to get everyone ready for bed first, settled in, and then get to my reading. (!) But it was AWESOME. I felt like such a STUDENT.

First I read for about thirty minutes or so in the Meditation book, about the mind being Consciousness, but also to think of her as a playful Goddess and part of the, a dip in the ocean, really, the big ocean of Consciousness. I’m so rigid, I was thinking, are we allowed to PLAY, just PLAY? But I feel as though I’ve already experienced a lot of this Kundalini mind thing, from what the book was describing, and that makes me very happy, considering all the bad stuff I experience as well, flashbacks, etc.

Lately I’ve been experience a warmth, a kind of “beautiful friction” internally, to quote a song I heard recently. I think it’s coming from this heart meditation. Right?

But I’m learning to be okay with it and not fight it but relate to it, instead, to be warm back. Cool. I mean, warm. Ha.

So I also was reading the book and it was talking about creativity ultimately, about being the change you want to be. And that is not surprising to me, but kind of a given. Jason was watching Carlito’s Way yesterday and the lead actress says something about her dream dying and she’s okay with that, she’s accepted it. But I would never do that. I’m not like that. What? I don’t think I will ever dead end on a dream. I don’t know what I would do. Try and try again, or try something new, there is just too much potential.

Then I read the first thirty or forty pages of the biography of Flannery O’Connor and it was just so way way familiar you all. I mean. Like I know her. Like I get her jokes and her familiarities. I cannot believe I had never heard of her before in my family growing up nor seen her at all before. It’s just uncanny all the little things. Just wry and happy I am to have found a kind of soulmate in her, in a way. Like some kind of shadowbox life … it’s so hard to describe the way she opens up passages, kind of inside of me, but it’s her life, but I know her. I’m not kidding. And Savannah. Like I know already. Like I see it while the book is describing it, the scenes come up off the page like movie reels. Like people’s faces talking and streets with cars and neighbors and trees moving. And she’s just entered Catholic school and is singing up into the upper grades in the hall …

Supposed to be only fifty odd degrees tomorrow so the socks are back on, I must say … it got chilly mid-afternoon, the fine khaki’s came off (fine because they fit, fine because they are simple) and on came the snow fleece pants and socks … time for snugglies and more reading past “bedtime” … I’m so liking this!





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