Vietnam Jungle VIII – IV

DSC_5191Here I am this afternoon studying the foto to my left, and the easel to my right, seated cross-legged on the ottoman in the centerish of the studio, with my new fave cotton scarf from the Arthur Sackler Gallery, yes. It makes me feel so very internationale.

Hey btw, I suddenly last night felt very aware of my freedom of everything, speech, art, everything, and, hey, I am super-blessed to be a woman living in the USA. Eh? Thank you for letting me be born here. I tweeted something to that effect and may all women around the globe have my rights one day, and international human rights in effect, yo. I’m so street. yo.

Seriously, what does it take to have a decent democracy these days, are we in the minority again? Whassup? Power to the freedom of the people.


Go democracy and go HARD, United Nations and International Human Rights and International Law. I’m so glad I can still say that somewhere. Pass it on and FIGHT for it, vote for it, whatever you HAVE to do, but make it SO.

DSC_5193Above the reds are glowing about the painting just so … I’m loving painting them … this time straight Pyrrole Red, had to get some more from the itty tube … she’s coming along and I’m loving how the background is going to watery cool and ground everything further, with the crazy jungle lime splash to the right. Yes. I’m really liking it.

I also edged three finished paintings, three edges, which was/is hard work. Yes.

So I’m physically way tired. But I must get the edges done, and done to my liking.

Also applied for a contest today, and made an event for the Flash Sale on FB. Fixed a linky on the website. Eep! Ha.

Rested for a while there and didn’t want to get up at ALL this morning. When I was resting didn’t want to get back UP.

So reading last night was less extensive but very intense. An exercise in Meditation, and treating my mind like a Goddess. Hmm.

Hmm. I do play with my mind all day. And I have a relative Observer Mind all day to watch what’s happening, but that’s not what she means by a meditative stance AT ALL. I have a worker bee mentality set up compared to what she is talking about.

She also said imagine your mind is someone who’s been kicked to the curb a lot and mistreated. Well, well.

Hardly treated like a Goddess. I’m in such denial, I must say. How about you?

I mean, worship my mind? How do I go about following it around all day when I have things to do? Well, certainly not all day. But for an hour.

Also, when she checks in with herself, and these other folks she works with, they sense these glowing balls of energy.

I have glowing places of severe pain. Hmm. Wait, no, this is what I have to work through, I guess to get to the good energy, right? Ida know.

I mean I’ve spent hours blasting pain balls with rose light. They move around and it’s nice enough. Other stuff comes up, flashbacks, and I end up with other news flashes on my hands, as it were.

Righto. But I’m in this for good, and I’m willing to try to treat my mind, in denial as I am as to the state it’s in, and treat HER (eep?) like a Goddess.

I like the idea of an ocean much better, btw. Goddess Ocean. I can conceive of that much better than anything in human female form. Owwy. Hmm.

Maybe mine can be Goddess Ocean Mind for now, because the other freaks me out. The Ocean is like the Fire or Hawaiian Volcano Goddess — much more palatable to me — and much more powerful.

Okay, that’s settled then.

Not super-intellectual but I’ll take it.

So we’re working through this … hee

Did yoga twice today, before dressing and before resting, actually three times, post doing the edges and pre painting the current artwork. Each time it was like going home in a way. Yay. Checking in with my body home. My knees are a bit weak and when I can (it’s a bit rainy this week and I had two walks with friends planned) I want to go to the gym to work out my lower body, which should help them.

My therapeutic yoga person got in touch and she’s in a boot from her foot surgery. Wonders when to get together. I’m like, You tell me! So that is going to happen, too.





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