Vietnam Jungle VIII – V

DSC_5194Finished the reds of the petals for now … fleshed them out of the sketch and out of themselves a bit more. You have to hold your breath and be bold sometimes as a painter. Sometimes I wish even I was a bit bolder. These are smooth and I wish to chunk the paint on lots more, dapple them with color and flesh. For now, creamy and supple, not jagged, just the under branches. Hmmm. Nice contrast, I think.

This morning my new friend who I met years ago on walkies came over and toured the studio, had coffee, and we watched the downpour watering her car and the garden, alas, no walkies for us as planned. Next week, however, we plan to play in Frederick, MD at an independent bookstore named Curious Iguana. Yay. How I love bookstores from way back. I think they are quite sexy.

I do!

I painted but had to stop a few times because my back was cramping up. ARgh. Oh well. It could be worse.

In a bit of a funk today. Woke up this way, but it happens. Some alters here and there, of my brother showing me his fotos of college co-eds streaking in the sixties at University of Georgia and what a strange thing that was. He is a photographer and then worked for the yearbook. Just the alter’s confusion came up, well, more came up, but I was painting, so I didn’t deal or process at the time …

Bedtime now … feel like crying … thunder and lightning, which are upsetting for Chipper.

Will help settle everyone in, and myself a curl …





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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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