Vietnam Jungle VIII – VI

DSC_5195Beginning to add in first layers of background colors, somewhat freely in places, and definitely painstakingly and fearlessly in others. I’m liking the more transparent layers much more, but although I created the white green mix, it is matte. Bah. It will stay, but needs a bit more motion. I have added texture, and I’m loving the contrast and actual movement across the canvas, but, well, we shall see.

Today Karl returned to add acoustic guitar to Johnny Appleseed, and to create two great jazz guitar tracks for You Stepped Out of a Dream by Nat King Cole, that Jason is working on now. What an amazing arrangement, the original, amazing everything, really, Nat King Cole’s vocal, the lyrics, everything everything.

Then I walked Chipper and went off for my dreamy and much-needed one hour massage, hooray. I feel much better, but for some reason have been incredibly grumpy most of the afternoon. ?

Ida know, folks. I’m calling it a day.

I did give Chipper a good brushing just now, for which he was most appreciative.

I guess I just need a good resting, of which I’ve had none. Gah, but I had a massage, the Sun is so brightly shining, what’s my DEAL?

Well, I just wrote something out and deleted it and I feel much better, but it really wasn’t appropriate to share. About the situation of a friend of mine that makes me angry for her. That was what was making me angry, and helpless, for her. But I can’t share it, for her sake, even though I doubt she even has the time, because she works so very hard for herself and her children on her own, to read this blog.


Well, at least I know why I was grumpy now.

I may read a bit tonight for some inspiration. I’m in a bit of a hole. I’m sure you all know how that can be from time to time. Better day tomorrow, I’m sure. 🙂



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