Vietnam Jungle VIII – VII



DSC_5196Here I have somewhat fearlessly, ha, completed the first layer of this middle background in the white green mix I made yesterday, especially while it is a goodish consistency.

I really love how it pops the flowers out.

Jason and Karl went to see our friend Rees who picked up the industrial fotos from Luis Maldonado in Port Chester in early April from It’s All About Things Gallery when that closed, thankfully. He had to rush, get THIS, because he was in a luncheon sitting next to BILL CLINTON. Yes. Grace has touched my life, truly. By all means, get back to him! I mean it!

Can you believe that?


Meanwhile, I’m at counseling. She asked at one point if I’d felt like journalling, and I said, Yes, about the war, the storm in my heart. Where to begin on that, I asked. She had a great idea, and said, What if you imagined sowing seeds there to heal your heart. Grass or flowers.

Hmm, I thought, not nearly big enough for what’s going on in there, volcanic, you know. A firestorm. A tree, I suggested. Maybe a lot of them.

Hmmm. So what do you all think about that, me planting a whole lots of major acorns in my heart after a firestorm, or a flood or a tornado has been ravaging and eating it out all this time. Still. Bah.

Well, it’s a great image. I could NOT love trees any more than I do.

Another thing I told her about the book is quite possibly I’m gaining some distance from the abuse. Moving on a bit in the present, although every time I lay down, or stop to think, I flash back or an alter comes up, and they come up on their own, and I’m switching all the time anyways. Bah.

Well. Just the same, some progress in my PERSPECTIVE, yes?

I think so.

We talked a bit about the themes of the book and tried to grok a bit (you do know what grok means don’t you? understand, relate, connect, great word, you all) about the book and semi-connected.

Semi-grokked, as it were. More progress. Because I have not been able to really talk about the book to anyone else, creatively and intuitively. Like that. Because she is also a meditator. For example, she prefers the balance of the Crown Chakra over the Heart Chakra, although in the book, it’s really okay to go with wherever your mind leads you that particular meditation session.


Also, she has ordered a series of DVDs on Yoga and Meditation for Trauma. Way cool. I cannot WAIT to see what they say, and hope they are informative for my Meditation DVD. We are going to look at my draft from a month ago for the Meditation DVD. I’ve been so problematic we have not been able to go over it yet, so I look forward to that. More progress.

Came back and had a LONG walk with Chipper and ran into my friend Linda, which was awesome. Beautiful beautiful day. Daye.

Now to rest. I have been overdoing and am in all kinds of emotional pain from it, as well as physical. Only thirty minutes left until dinner and walking Chipper again! eep! Sigh. 🙂




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