Vietnam Jungle VIII – VIII

DSC_5201Today I added a translucent lime green in about six places, as you see, woven throughout the midsection of the painting. I’m holding on painting any more of the middle for the time being, because the translucent looks best on white canvas — I only get the one chance, unless of course I paint over in white. Then I painted in a straight Chromium Green. I really like the concept of weaving as well, as it is becoming a bit of a tapestry effect, with the matte and the translucent paints overlapping here and there.

This morning we went to the glorious lovely place which is Whole Foods. Wow. I could eat the store up, whereas Safeway driveth me NUTS, because there is so much BAD stuff in there, except for the produce, right, although I have so many friends who work there by now, right? Sigh.

It could not have been a more beautiful day. Chipper and I ran into Mr. Chips and his Daddy and walked with them for quite some time, which Chipper finally got into the groove on, chatting about the Kennedy Center, Paris and summer plans for travel, dog stuff.


Then it was time for the VOCAL. !!

Jason and I got busy with the vocal for Johnny Appleseed, the great song by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros that I mentioned here a week or so ago.

First I had to get ready.

I listened to the original carefully, without making a sound, at the computer. Then, I started warming up to Patty Griffin songs, the Rowing Song, Standing, Trapeze, Heavenly Day, and halfway into another song I was ready.

I practiced Johnny Appleseed twice until my voice started to crack, realizing I was on limited time.

I went in and got Jason and he got the mic set up, etc. … and … I took off Chipper’s collar and …

… I think I got it right, after a few punch in’s, a walking of Chipper, during which ACTUAL bumblebees flew over me, over my shoulder, making me laugh, grounding me. So surreal.

I did struggle with Jason, poor dear, who is an EXPERT, and I am a NOVICE. I am intuitive and far from LOGICAL or music theory, when he is ON it. Right? eep! So it was WORK. For sure. But we accomplished a vocal track that we like, that has several moods, that I think hits the places we wanted to hit for the song.

Now, tomorrow I meet a new friend for brunch at Panera at eleven, and then sometime after that we do the background vocals and shimmers and such, eh?

La. So excited. We actually may have something for you to listen to in a few days or so. We’re that close, I think. But what do I know? I think we’re planning to add Dobro? and that’s a Nashville friend away … so … not sure …


And then I painted … and got rather looped on some Prosecco Jason got at this Italian market we’ve become rather fond of as of late, round the corner. Rather. Just one glass, but the shadows came up and I had to be sure to EAT.

We started watching the Kentucky Derby coverage while I painted back and forth and Jason made some lovely pasta, from the things we had gotten at Whole Foods. We’re having veggie burgers each night this week, so lovely pasta this weekend as a treat. We’re fresh out of vegetarian ideas for dinners so we landed on veggie burgers.

I usually get senses from the names as they appear on the screen or something, from the horses, from the derby, from these races. This time I was completely off. I don’t care, though. It was a beautiful race run by beautiful horses and California Chrome ran his heart out and showed them all what for. I was rooting for Wicked Strong and the Vicar something. Oh well. I also felt towards the end that Candy Boy or something was going to at least place. Ha. I love these things. But you know, I tweeted about the derby and lost a Twitter follower? Hmm. Ha. Funny. For whatever reason. Maybe it was my poetry excerpt earlier in the day, and not the derby comment. Who can say? Not a big deal.


In a really good mood today, woke up this way and am quite happy about it, although physically have been very achey for most of the day. Just a normal pain day, right?

7:15 pm and time to call it. Rest! Yay!



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