Vietnam Jungle VIII – IX

DSC_5202Here I’ve painted in the translucent mid-lime mix in the upper left and upper right areas. Then, I decided to add a branching with Sap Green to the upper left, which I like very much.

I’ve been resting a lot more in the past few days, for which I’ve paid in guilt and shame, but also have the effect of a rested body and mind, thankfully. Odd the guilt, tho, don’t you think?

Although, I had counseling today instead of Friday because of a scheduling need of my counselor, and we discussed my Meditation DVD draft. We were talking about four or five of the negative symptoms of mine: loops, negative thinking, apologism, perfectionism, almost up to workaholism, and then she realized that these do fall under the category of LOW self esteem or low self worth due to the abuse.

Yes. That makes an enormous amount of sense. Here I’m telling her, I achieve, It’s what I do. It’s my mode. To rest is weird for me, but I have to. Hence the guilt … right? So now, today, that suddenly makes sense, whereas yesterday I was all, like, what?

So. There.

I also went over my blood work with my doctor today and triglycerides are tiny bit high but other than that I’m fine. Yay. Physical on July 2. Hooray. I’m blessed. More exercise, like everyone else on the planet.

Sunday’s background vocals went well, and were much more fun and low stress to perform than the lead were. We are very close to final mix, probably tomorrow for Johnny Appleseed!

Got into another show, The Woman’s Club of Potomac. See my website for details. Coolness. Yay.

Also, there is a possible poetry reading in the Summer for me in the mix. We shall see.

Now …

You remember perhaps that my sister-in-law and her dog Roxy were unable to be with us at Easter because Roxy was ill? Well, Roxy has passed today. A very sad day. A very good soul she was, a dear spirit and so much fun, but she is no longer suffering and … struggling up the brick stairs at Granma’s house each day. What a dear girl … We shall miss her so very much … 😦

Mother’s Day is this weekend and we will gather on Sunday at Jason’s Mom’s home …

Hard to know what else to say today … I’ve been at a loss for words for days even before this …

but thankfully have been following the need to rest and watch the Sun through the blinds on the bed.

Gorgeous walks with Chipper and seeing friends all over the place, coming out of their homes to be outside again. The cards for the Open House arrived and have begun handing them out, which is a delight. They look superb. August 16th will be here before we know it!

Not sure where this deep silence comes from, but from time to time, it does. Just rolling with it.

Have opened The Front Porch and almost WRITTEN in it. It could happen.

Written the May email update and awaiting the final mix of Johnny Appleseed to send her out.

All in all a glorious time, and drinking it up.



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