Vietnam Jungle VIII – X

DSC_5203After studying the painting this afternoon for some good deal of time, I decided to paint the next right layer in Chromium Green, which did take some effort. I started to paint the next layer in Sap Green in a tiny brush, but realized I have no sap, no energy left, myself.

You see, I wrote (!) in The Front Porch novel today! WHAT? you may ask, but after some many many months since December, I actually did read the passage where I had last written, to get the flow, and edited here and there, got the hang of it, and wrote NEW WORDS. I have the BUG.

But it take some time and a considerable amount of my creative energies. That’s good, though, right? Yes.

Yes, indeed.

Speaking of creative energies … I have the Johnny Appleseed cover to share with you all!

Go to the following link to Jason’s Henry Clay Henry Foundation section of my website, and click on the first link, to Johnny Appleseed. While you’re at it, Our Little Town is new and improved, and is fun for comparison. Both are for the same effort, for local farms and BEES!

That may seem like a lot of, er, cross-pollination, but there wasn’t anywhere else to put the songs on the web, for now.

I hope you like them!

I also had to, HAD to, get my hair cut today, for it was getting very longggg. My original appointment was set for the 23rd of May, but no way could I have waited for that. I of course, feel the shorn pup effect, ahhhh. And Nahid, my hairdresser, even told me that I seem to have lost weight. Good girl, that she is. Hmmm. We all love to hear that, don’t we?

It was raining, and so very cold when I got my hair cut, but I was very lucky and got a parking place RIGHT in front, which never happens, well, rarely. So that was a blessing.

Fortunately, Chipper and I had a good long walk only in overcast skies before that, and no sight of rain. Not even the thought of it — it was quite the surprise, and now it’s sunny and warming up again. Yay.

For tonight I have an art meeting to go to, until late.

I feel overwhelmed emotionally, per usual, and my back is seized up from painting.

So now, I rest for about an hour and a half, so I can better be still and be with folks for more hours. Yes. Meditate and yoga. In some sort of order. Right. Well, I hope you like the music, the art, the chat. Yes. Bye for now!



About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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