Vietnam Jungle VIII – XI

DSC_5205Closing in on the final work here, today I used the itty round brush, not the smallest one, but the near ittiest one, to create some coding up at the top, with Sap Green. I thinned the paint first with Acrylic Glazing Liquid.

Then I stood back and flipping my close-up glasses up and down, I went back and forth, viewing the painting and doing detail work, balancing the depth. I also connected the branches with the new detail work, which I had not anticipated doing.

I painted in a new layer of Chromium Green to the upper right.

I added the details for the lower branch work below the flowers.

Now, tomorrow, I’ll add some shading and clean up the trees a bit, for they have gotten a bit dented with all of this greenery. We shall see what else needs to be done to finish up the piece. Yay!

Today I sent out my May email update, and then rested for about an hour, with Chipper’s back paw on me, full on.

I noticed so much pressure in my head, enormous. Not sure where that comes from. Like, explosive. Not really a sinus headache, more like my whole head, inside, to the back, even. ? So I meditated and breathed, to no avail. Whatever, right? It was still great to rest, after I had done some great yoga, my second practice for the day. Yay!

At some point I planted seeds, which I have been meaning to do for some weeks, now. Cosmos, Bachelor’s Buttons, Shasta Daisies, Sunflowers, a Basil plant pod, and a globe tomato pod. Soooo much fun. Hey, bee. Hey, stinkbug on your back. Hey, dirt under my nails.

Now to eat my veggie burger and to rest again.

Not a bad day.

Flash backs today are of my Granma J’s day bed, where I used to try to rest at her house, for a limited period of time, unsure about how long and when, but it was a lovely place, a safe place. Very cushy and stuffed with old quilts, white, and right in front of the double window to her garden, with sheers. I absolutely adore sheers, probably for that very reason. Ahhh.

Other flashbacks while painting, I can’t get into. Bah.


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