Vietnam Jungle VIII Finitti


Ahhh. So this one is finished. Today I double checked for any white spots in the black among the branches first.

Then I strengthened the trees, all around, with the addition with Neutral Gray, a mix of the gray, Titanium White and the glazing liquid, and a touch here and there of Mars Black.

I went in with some depth with Sap Green next, and that was it!

Yay! Hope you like it! I love the enriched colors from the foto in the den, instead of the studio light.

Last night I did NOT sleep well at all. First, had trouble getting to sleep, then, woke up at 12:30, thirsty, then again thirsty at 3:30 and was awake off and on until … ida know until 8:00 when Jason came in to wake me up. I took a muscle relaxant on his suggestion at 4:00 when he took Chipper out because I was so incredibly achey. Bah.

Today we found a great gift for his Mom for Sunday and then went to the lovely Whole Foods for staples. Hooray. Then Jason went on his own to Safeway to get the rest of the goods for the week. Next week, roasted vegetables and couscous salad.

My head and various pains … continue to be an issue. I’ll be walking along with Chipper or around the house, when a sharp pain in my head will startle me suddenly and stop me in my tracks. Like yesterday, even with good sleep. Bah.

Oh well. This is another reason why I do not work. Stuff. Miscellaneous STUFF like that, random, unexplained STUFF.

I found more jungle fotos online today and am thrilled about doing twenty paintings again, whereas yesterday I was thinking about stopping at ten suddenly and doing Grand Oak trees from this other book I have. This is much more LUSH and exciting. Don’t you think? Well, you haven’t seen the fotos yet.

Okay, must must lay down now.



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