Vietnam Jungle IX – Sketch

1324511737_vietnam-jungle-forestHere is the next incredibly lovely foto for painting and when I search for “Vietnam jungle photographs” now my paintings, some in process, come up as well. How very cool, and somewhat eerie, as footage of the Vietnam Conflict come up, from that time, as well. I am honored.

Here is my very humble sketch, for I am not able to do the detail of all of those fernlike and palmetto branches … so I made them bigger and made a bit funkier, more playful, stripes in places.

DSC_5209Not that you can really see the sketch, per usual, but I submit it nonetheless.

Now, I really have to rest, not feeling super well. Very achey and overwhelmed.

I must tell you, for some time today, I had what I call strawberry hands, from capping the berries for a fruit salad, for tomorrow’s feasting for Mother’s Day. Yay. What a very lovely thing.

Another lovely thing, a very light, warm rain. Mmm.

Yet another, flickering full leaves on trees, quite hypnotic. How could I have forgotten that drowsening effect? Yes.



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